Monday, January 13, 2020

Right-Wing Kansas Republicans Split With Leaders & Denounce Return Of Obamacare

Whilst the Republicans win big on topics like immigration and national security . . . Healthcare is one of their weakest issues and sparks a great deal of internal debate amongst their leadership as well. Here's an EXCELLENT example of local divisions for what is literally a life and death issue for many voters . . . Read more:

Kansas GOP leaders react to Medicaid expansion agreement - The Sentinel

Over the weekend more Kansas politicians and stakeholders chimed in on the Medicaid expansion agreement announced last week in Topeka between Governor Laura Kelly and Senate Majority leader Jim Denning (R-Overland Park.) A joint statement by four different Johnson County conservative groups made it clear that Sen.


Anonymous said...

The Sentinel is very conservative. Even the data sets are skewed. This is misinformation.

Anonymous said...

Republicans win big on immigration and national security???

That is misinformation!

Anonymous said...

So people were surveyed and supported expansion, then when they were told you have to pay for it they weren't?

How the fuck do people think society works? You want good roads and bridges, just make wishes and you'll have good roads and bridges? Fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't medicaid expansion eliminate qualification for obamacare enrollment in KS?