Wednesday, January 15, 2020


There is finally progress on this stalled political action now that the war of Armageddon is postponed until, hopefully, after the Super Bowl.

This news impacts every American so we make a space for some of the top links to the divisive topic:


Senate readies for impeachment mayhem

A Democratic document dump on the eve of an expected House vote to finally send articles of impeachment to the Senate is supercharging the party's demands for witnesses at President Donald Trump's soon-to-begin trial.

Articles En Route

Trump impeachment focus to shift to Senate as House prepares to send articles

WASHINGTON - The House is set to vote Wednesday afternoon to send articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump to the Senate, where opening arguments are expected Tuesday in only the third impeachment trial of a president in history. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., delayed sending the articles after the House approved them Dec.

Tech Takeover

Lev Parnas' text messages provide Pelosi a new card to play on Trump impeachment evidence

What's happening: Parnas' lawyer, Joseph A. Bondy, said in a series of tweets over the weekend and yesterday that he turned over to the House Intelligence Committee the contents of Parnas' iPhone 11, detailing interactions "with a number of individuals relevant to the impeachment inquiry."

Senator Ted Talks Payback

Sen. Ted Cruz floats idea of 'witness reciprocity' for Senate impeachment trial

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, pitched the idea of "witness reciprocity" on Tuesday during a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other GOP leadership who convened to discuss strategy for the upcoming impeachment trial that will decide if President Trump is removed from office, Fox News has confirmed.

Documenting Fixer Foibles

The stunning new texts and documents, explained.

The House Intelligence Committee quietly released a new batch of impeachment inquiry evidence Tuesday evening: documents provided by Rudy Giuliani's fixer for Ukraine, Lev Parnas. And boy, are they ugly. The documents, which include Parnas's handwritten notes, copies of text messages, and other correspondence, reveal some new information - including that Giuliani claimed to be acting with President Trump's "knowledge and consent" in his communications with the Ukrainian government.

Counting On Republicans???

GOP leadership: There aren't 51 votes to dismiss Trump articles of impeachment

"I think our members generally are not interested in a motion to dismiss. ... Certainly there aren't 51 votes for a motion to dismiss," Blunt, the No. 4 Senate Republican, told reporters after a closed-door leadership meeting.

End Game Unclear

Sen. McConnell Says Pelosi's Impeachment Strategy Achieved 'Absolutely Nothing'

Politics REUTERS/Tom Brenner Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on Monday said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's decision to sit on the articles of impeachment for a month is a "strange gambit" that "produced absolutely nothing." McConnell described Pelosi's strategy Monday as a "one-woman blockade" of the impeachment trial on the floor of the Senate, Fox News reported.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

he won't be removed but they're drawing a line in the sand. The line extends across our state line as well. Maybe also divides Troost.

Anonymous said...

There will be the usual pointless marches and protests and yelling, but all of the senators in both Kansas and Missouri are water-carrying Republicans and will vote to acquit.
Zero drama or surprises unless you're a talking head on cable TV or one of the usual local suspects.
The whole impeachment issue has long become yesterday's news except for the echo chamber in Washington and for folks who "earn" their livings discovering one "outrage" after another to boost ratings and book sales.

Anonymous said...

Agree 8:02. Most people are fixated on the royal story becuz of the drama being played out. TMZ, People, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail are upping reader/viewership.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet they're not at all. weird.

Anonymous said...

Acquittal is far better than a dismissal, with an acquittal you can nevar be charged with that again. That’s why they’re playing this out and to further embarrass schiffless and peelousy..... as if they aren’t embarrassed enough now this will drive a stake into both of them so deep they won’t recover.

Anonymous said...

Is Lev Parnas available? Trump just surrounds himself with quality people. Ray Lewis had a cleaner entourage than Trump.

chuck said...

We live in "Orwellian" times. If there was ever, a violation of the RICO Act it has to be The Clinton Foundation (Where did those emails go? Huh..., I guess there is nothing to see here, let's move along.) and the absolute, irrefutable, incontrovertible evidence that Hunter Biden was on the payroll of Burisma in order to influence the favor of his Vice President father.

There is video, paper trails, witness testimony, bank accounts, money transfers and a bouillabaisse bowl full of shit that these crooks are responsible for..., and yet Trump in being Impeached for asking the new president of the Ukraine to look into corruption in his country before he gets a huge chunk of tax payer cash.


The Main Stream Media.

I could post a hundred URL s from liberal and conservative outlets alike, that admit, that 90 to 95% of the so coverage from the so called "Objective" 4th estate is pejorative, fallacious, specious and most often, outright fuckin lies.

The American media is, as Trump has said, "The Enemy Of The American People". Our Pravda style Main Stream Media, is, actually every bit as corrupt as Socialist, Communist and Fascist state run media is all over the world.

In there insatiable greedy quest for power at any cost, the 4th Estate has been transformed into the essence of evil. The categorical Radix Malorum that - like a fuckin cancer, kills us on a daily basis.

The "Russian Collusion" hoax has given way, to the Ukraine Impeachment hoax and the eager, mentally diseased fanatics who push this sick, twisted, gas lighting agenda are as dangerous and treacherous as any enemy we as a nation have ever faced.

There is NO space, NO separation between the DNC, the MSM and the Deep State fascists who seek the abrogation of the Constitution and the enforcement of a soup de jour rule of law, interpreted by twisted, sick, "Woke" politicians who are identical to the killers and destroyers that enacted the 1966 Cultural Revolution in China.

Anonymous said...

The Republican strategy of "witness reciprocity" could well backfire, if the Chief Justice does his job.

Allow me a Scenario, in which the Judge has already ruled under one of the most basic principles of common law, and after Hunter Biden has been called as a witness.

Senator Graham:
Mr. Biden, tell us everything you know about President Trump's attempt to use his Office for personal gain and to obstruct Congress.

H. Biden:
Senator, I know nothing about either of those matters.

Senator Graham:
I see. Now, about your activities in the Ukraine...

Judge Roberts:
Senator, as I have ruled before, this Trial will be limited to the matters germane to the Impeachment Charges.

Senator Graham:
Uhhh… further questions.

Anonymous said...

and, the broken record that is chuck plays yet again.

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. So many human things are weird to you!

Anonymous said...



A: Hair today...Gone tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

And again you fail to have any rebuttal at all.

Anonymous said...

Except that investigation of the Biden corruption was perfectly legitimate.

Sorry, it looks like you put in a little effort. :)

Anonymous said...

8:38, it's like trying to have a reasonable discussion with people who believe our government has been taken over by reptiles in human form or people who believe in Bigfoot. You're never going to convince them otherwise.

Chuck is very much in that category; so solidly grounded in his silly conspiracy playdates that any statement of the truth would be ridiculed with more slanted "proof" from his ilk.

So why bother?

chuck said...

8:51 The fact evidence that backs up the accusations I have made, is, irrefutable. You can look into the mirror and lie to yourself like Adam Schiff has done for years to the American people, or, you can just tell the truth.

My guess, is that you know I am right, but are so caught up in your "Woke" identity, that a denial of the truth, keeps you sane enough to read the next New York Times hit piece and nod your head, while you drool into your Kale salad.

For the "Why aren't you at work guy", go fuck yourself, I am leaving now.

Anonymous said...

We know you're brainwashed, chuck...that's what we know.

They must really love you at Popeye's chuck. I can just hear it.

"Shut up with your goofy shit, just don't overcook the biscuits willya?"

Anonymous said...

It's just like climate change, the truth is staring at you right in the face and yet you gotta so see what Fox News and Alex Jones have to say to confirm your strongly held beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Get to work chuck. God, you're so damn lazy!

Anonymous said...

"There's been a lot of recent work in psychology attempting to figure out why some people are particularly drawn to conspiracy theories. For example, research has found that people who believe in conspiracy theories tend to have a greater need for cognitive closure1 (the desire to find an explanation when explanations are lacking) and to be unique. They're more likely to have a cognitive bias called hypersensitive agency detection3 or teleologic thinking (whereby events are overattributed to hidden forces, purposes, and motives). Some research has also found that conspiracy beliefs are associated with lower levels of education and analytic thinking."

- Psychology Today

So there you have it. Chuck in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

^^Oh Goddamn, chuck just got knocked the fuck out!!!!! No wonder he overcompensates by using 10-dollar words in all his posts!! Ha!!!! Too funny!!

Anonymous said...

What a waste of typing!

Conspiracy theory: Aliens steal your thoughts.

Rational argument based on evidence, even if that evidence is in dispute: not a conspiracy theory.

Find a magazine with things in it you understand. Do they still publish 'MAD'?

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. I'm sorry you can't read very well. Lol

Anonymous said...

It's not, though, 8:51. Chuck's idiom is unique, sure. But he quotes things that are true or at least worth considering.

Just dismissing those things out of hand just means you don't like Chuck, or can't be bothered to actually argue a point in dispute. Creating a false equivalence just means you can't compete with actual ideas.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Speaking of truth, check into Greenland ice cores, which prove massive temperature fluctuation year over year without human industry.

Anonymous said...

Conspiracy theories? Like the Russia hysteria still being peddled by old rattle-jaws in her press conference?

Anonymous said...

^^No that was proven. Check Faux News for the latest conspiracy theories dolt. Looks like you need a refresher!

Security Guard Cameron Wright said...

Division, division, division. But both sides always magically agree on anything that's beneficial to I$rael. Enjoy your reality show.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of truth, check how 2019 was the second-warmest year on record, closing out the warmest decade on record.

I'm gonna go get some of chuck's yummy Popeye's biscuits for lunch. Yum!

Anonymous said...

The fucktard who attacks Chuck and Super Dave all the time is none other than that loonie Mo Rage who is such a spineless bastard he won't post under his own name. Just read his fairy tale blog and you can see what a loser he is and won't allow your views to be posted as it's simple to expose what a retard he is.

Grip Madlock said...

I really do want to like Chuck but goddam with the novel size posts

Anonymous said...

@11:00-I am one of the ones(we are legion) who makes fun of chuck and you(stupid dave) and I'm not Mo Rage. I am everyone. I'm sorry, not sorry, you two faggots are lovers, but you're also responsible for some of the dumbest shit posted on this blog and that's saying something! Deal with it. You both suck, and not just each other.

Anonymous said...

Snowflakes gonna be blowing up in November when Trump takes over 40 states in an epic landslide. MAGA

Anonymous said...

I hold no opinions on whether the Biden matter warrants investigation or not. but neither you or Senator Cruz seem to understand that it is a question completely irrelevant to the matter of the Impeachment.

Now that Trump had been Impeached
(and for his supporters who deny that he has, then you must also deny that Clinton was Impeached! Sorry).

Trump now stands in the ranks of the three Impeached Presidents, and History will record him as such. The only question remaining, no matter how unlikely or unliked, is whether or not the Senate will find him guilty of the charges and remove him from Office.

Anonymous said...

How can you be impeached but not thrown out of office. Unless removed from office he isn't or hasn't been impeached.

Anonymous said...

“House impeachment” means nothing, just ask billy the pervert Clinton, you lunatic left dimwits still adore him despite how many rapes he has under his belt, but hey, Trump will be the first re-elected “house impeached” President in history so he’s got that going for him, you guys nothing! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

^^and yet it means everything to to the big orange dufus though. His legacy is All that matters to him. You know, sorta like your wife did to you before she died. hahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

12:14 is a huge nobody/troll who does not speak for me at all. You are not me you will never be me.

Anonymous said...

@112:45 and 12:58 Read the Constitution (it's online}, Article 2, Section 4.

"Impeachment", as defined in the Constitution, appears to be roughly equal to the "Indictment" under which the Accused is brought to Trial in the Legal System used more commonly.

After the Bill of Impeachment is delivered to the Senate by the House, the Senate is obligated to hold a Trial, overseen by the Chief Justice.

If "Convicted" by the Senate, the President is removed from Office.
(Three separate matters, Impeachment, Conviction, Removal, with the last depending on both the first.)

Specifically, @12:45, there have been 20+ Federal Officials "Impeached", three of whom (Andrew Johnson, William Clinton, and Donald Trump) were Presidents.

Neither of the two Presidents who have so far been tried in the Senate were Convicted, so neither was Removed from Office.

But the fact of having been Impeached is real, and there is no provision in the Constitution for reversing, dismissing or expunging that from any Federal Official's record, or from History.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh. Let me help.

The rationale for the Evil Phone Call is the central issue. Perhaps that escaped you, which is understandable because this empty impeachment has been a silly a la carte process from the word go.

The question of why Trump would be making those statements in that phone call is the entire basis for the show trial. And it is directly germane that Biden took part in the corruption and that this is s legitimate basis for asking about the corruption.

Simple to most, a challenge to some. And I understand you guys have had so many false hopes in your desire to get Trump at any cost and you're desperate for something to cheer about. However, this impeachment comes with a huge asterisk because, among other reasons, it was one-sided, wandering, wholly partisan, and produced no real crimes to prosecute.

Unlike the other two impeachments. See? History is fun.

Anonymous said...

Except that this impeachment was wholly different than the other two in question, and will always be seen as such. No crimes (these were invented because the case was too weak for real crimes), wholly partisan (both other impeachments were bipartisan), and a sloppy rush job involving reconfiguring the rules. Both other, real impeachments took years to thoroughly investigate.

How long did Pelosi take on this? A few weeks? For this existential threat to the Republic? Before she went on vacation and sat on the process thinking she had leverage?

Oh man. I guess when you lose so long you get excited about even a victory with a huge footnote. Anyway, it's the best you're likely to get.

Have fun! ;)

Anonymous said...

Which record? Cite please.

Anonymous said...

"And it is directly germane that Biden took part in the corruption and that this is s legitimate basis for asking about the corruption."

And your evidence would be... ? And Fox News doesn't count.

Anonymous said...

Wait, NOW you're interested in evidence? Lol

Ok, sure. You do understand that Biden is on camera gloating about doing exactly what Trump was accused of? Quid Pro Joe bullied a foreign power on behalf of his crackhead son.

Who was getting gazillions of dollars a year for sitting the board of Burizma because he's just that good, right? No corruption here you guys.

I'm just amused by it anymore. If Captain Ahab was around he'd be jealous. Just admit that it's political and personal and we can agree to disagree. You can have your partisan impeachment with no laws broken, and the Trump people will take the landslide victory that is on the way.

Anonymous said...

So 1:29 it's like this. You get arrested for murder. You go to court and the judge say enough evidence to bound you over for trial. Later the DA decides he doesn't want to prosecute you at this time and dismisses the charge without prejudice. You may not have been found guilty but you been charged with murder all the same. Impeachment is the same thing in a way. The house says a crime has been committed now the senate will decide if in fact that is true. If the Senate says not guilty that's where it ends. Scream impeached all you want but till Trump is found guilty of such and removed from office it's all political crap from a group of butthurts who said Trump would be impeached before he even took office.

And on another note would you want someone like Pelosi holding court and deciding your fate? That alone shows you how delusional the democrats are to put that woman in charge of even sweeping the floor let alone being speaker of the house.

Anonymous said...

Can well just agree to quit fucking using the word Chimpy. It's fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh. Chimpy! You must not have seen the Mueller report!

Even a dumb monkey can read 'no collusion'! Oh, Chimpy. Stick to Matlock and Maude!

Anonymous said...

^^^ that’s funny right there! Hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Chimpy!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ no we’re not lol!

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer.

Anonymous said...

1:29 and you can’t take back the severely tarnished “legacies” of peelousy, schiffless and nadler aka the penguin either, They will go down as the most worthless dimwits in history so.....


Attempted coup-0

Anonymous said...

Democrats new slogan....Death to America, borrowed from Iran.

Anonymous said...

2:25: Don't feed the troll.

Anonymous said...

That's Chimp language for 'I give up'

Anonymous said...

^^^That’s geezer language for I suck cock.

Anonymous said...

Awwww chimpy, why such a depressing attitude today huh? Did momma chimpy die or something?

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. You should know better than to try comebacks by now! And you've been ranting about human penis all day, Get back on your Chimp meds!

Grip Madlock said...

Takes slot of blood to cross that line.

Grip Madlock said...

Sums up todays America,sadly.

Anonymous said...

Psalm 109:8

Anonymous said...

Leviticus 3:10

Anonymous said...

Because the CIA was such a great friend to Mao, right Chucko?

Anonymous said...

7:57 coocoo coocoo, you are loony as they come aren’t you butt boi, the lunatic left is out of control today!

Anonymous said...

Funniest post of the day is @1:22 "(both other impeachments were bipartisan)"!! What a Hoot!

And later stating that " Both other, real impeachments took years to thoroughly investigate." Hilarious!

Pal, read about the nastiness that Johnson's Impeachment involved - today's vitriol and partisanship look like a Tea Party in comparison. And no "years of investigation were involved, Johnson suspended Stanton in August, 1867 and the Impeachment Bill was passed by the House and sent to the Senate in February, 1868.

And the only thing that took over a year in the "investigation" of the Clinton case was finding something to charge him with - remember Ken Starr and his investigations, being handed "carte blanche" again and again by the Republican-led House?

And for your claim of "Bi-Partisan support" for both these - the vote to impeach Johnson was 5 Democrats and 233 Republicans, and the largest number of Democrats to vote on any of the three Clinton charges was again 5, while the smallest number of Republicans to vote on any was 200!

Nice attempt at diversion, but you forget that some people know about that thing called the "Internet"! You ought to check it out sometime. It's full of those fun things we call "facts".

Anonymous said...

who gives a fuck about this nonsense

these people are supposed to be solving the nations problems and they spend all day doing nothing of value

it's disgusting