Monday, January 06, 2020

New Kansas City Art Boss Speaks

Check an EXCEPTIONAL interview with a new City Hall executive who will wield influence over MILLIONS in taxpayer-funded art for the new KCI airport and more:

James Martin Enters the Picture as Kansas City's New Public Art Administrator - KC STUDIO

James Martin, Kansas City's new public art administrator, has accepted a big challenge amid high expectations. Martin was hired in October for the position that had been vacant since April 2018. He came onboard as controversy raged over the city's One Percent for Art program and its application to the $1.5 billion Kansas City International (KCI) Airport single-terminal project.


Anonymous said...

During the Socialist take over of China, Russia and Cambodia artists were murdered along with those that taught and those that knew how to read. Leftest liberal movements become snakes that eat their own tail. Beware of the left, socialism and communism.

Anonymous said...

But don't ever forget that Capitalism is a zero-sum game.

Anonymous said...

Only capitalism can afford artists.