Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Missouri Rape Kit Testing Redux

A delayed effort at justice. Remember that KCMO hosts more untested kits than any other place in the Show-Me State . . . Read more:

Missouri Begins Testing Backlog Of More Than 7,000 Rape Kits

Roughly 100 of Missouri's 7,019 untested rape kits have been sent out of state to a private forensic lab for testing. The state completed a full inventory of those untested kits last fall.


Anonymous said...

like a taste test? Gross

Anonymous said...

^^^^ lulZ!

Byron Funkhouser said...

The test does not determine if rape occurred, it only shows if sex occurred.

Most men defend themselves from allegations of rape by claiming that it was merely consenual sex.

There is no test to determine if a woman has been raped, & no way to determine factually, if she's telling the truth.

Oswald said...

Gawd Damn Byron is stupid. Of course there are ways to determine if a woman has been raped. One of the main ones is the type of injuries to the vagina.

This "Byron" impostor is just trying to divert your attention.

We are going to post some video on youtube. of Byron at the Coffee Shop...I think we will time it for best effect.

Should be make it on Super Bowl Sunday or during the Iowa caucuses the next day?

You decide.

Anonymous said...

Byron you ignorant slut:
How Rape Kits Are Used
These are used to gather and store fibers from clothing and hair, and also used to collect bodily fluids such as saliva and semen, which can help identify the perpetrator of the rape. Altogether, this evidence may eventually be used to prosecute a rapist.

Anonymous said...

Wanna know why Byron lives where he does? It's because it's the only state where having sex with sheep isn't illegal.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that evicting 60 homeowners to make way for a new, shittily built Crime Lab at 26th Park was going to cause Police to catch up on processing those kits and get justice for those attacked. Yet another lie from the City and Police. Lying is a great way to build trust in the community... that's why witnesses don't want to be. Be sure to thank that crooked Pastor at 27th Wabash for his interference in Police business for the sake of securing free taxpayer cash for his own self-serving agenda. Too bad he is still sucking in oxygen.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer.

Anonymous said...

And yet he is younger than you. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Untested kits show authorities dont care. I bet some rapists are free to rape again and again - as they would have been locked up if the tests were done on time. So in a way - Police are helping rapists commit more rapes. By allowing them to be free. Police are only around to do paperwork and document crimes. If lucky, solve a few. I have met a few woman who acted really oddly toward men, dating, romance - only to find out they had been raped in the past. Sadly, one girl who had a small .25 cal pistol, from her nightstand, but threw it under the bed cause she thought the guy would take it and kill her. She let a "magazine salesmen" who had come to her house twice, come indoors, to "use the bathroom". Then he raped her. After she threw the gun under the bed she put up no resistance. Just let him do it. She was a model and used to be in the Hall's catalogs back in 1980-1982. She always acted weird after that. I can see why.