Friday, January 24, 2020

Kansas City Winter Ruckus

Here's a quick glimpse of local talk from the GOLD STANDARD of Kansas City discourse reporting on at least two of the issues that aren't related to the Super Bowl this week . . .

Here's the description:

"Mike Shanin talks to Jackson County Legislature Chairman Theresa Cass Galvin about property taxes, the jail and the County Administrator. Ron Freeman, Annie Presley, Jon Stephens and Jason Grill follow up on the interview and discuss lingering issues in Jackson County, the new Lee's Summit superintendent and the battle over equity training and the impact of the Chiefs going to the Super Bowl."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

b/c this is TKC i quickly read : Jon Stephens and Jason Grill follow up on the interview and discuss lingerie issues in Jackson County.

Anonymous said...

Shanin has put together the worst panel ever:

Jon Stephens: master of tax giveaways and Eco
Devo Con Man

Ron Freeman: Republican Uncle Tom

Jason Grill: PR amateur and wannabe sock designer

Annie Presley: Republican influence peddler responsible for the demise of Higher Ed in MO

Anonymous said...

Theresa Galvin just demonstrated how a public official should participate in a public interview. Calm, intelligent, well-mannered professional.

Theresa Galvin for Jackson County Executive?

Anonymous said...

Ron Freeman is SPOT-ON in regards to the Lee's Summit School District issues.

Not only has he followed the issues, he has attended school board meetings and voiced proper concerns over policy decisions.

"Equity" proponents will actually argue against "equality", which is the basis of our legal system.

Today I toast Ron Freeman for being the voice of reason.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday Mike Shanin will have someone on that show that really has a clue whats going on.

Bwahaha sure he will.