Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Update on the local medical marijuana game that basically opened the flood gates for more marijuana of all kinds and more easily available than booze . . . Take a look at the first to profit from the quasi legalization:

Patients Flock to Clinics for Medical Marijuana Certifications

The morning's dicey weather had passed, but Friday afternoon's cold drizzle still seemed best suited for a blanket and a cup of hot tea - or something stronger for an early start to the weekend. Nevertheless, folks filtered into a brightly lit storefront on the far end of a strip center in Raytown.


  1. there was no one waiting at all when i had my appointment. with no dispensaries open yet i think people are waiting. and the thing with the money benefitting veterans pure fugazi for the goldbricking veteran hustler community which is a thriving cottage industry or really let's say a major industry.

    for the blog community, there was a recent felony prosecution in maybe de kalb county or some other bumblefuck northern missouri county against a guy who had a license, so the need for that constitutional amendment to protect citizens against these dipshit law enforcmennt and prosecutors in these rural counties is more apparent than ever.

    truly the CBD trend is awful. there is fake weed flooding the market. some fast flowering CBD or something that looks amazing and will trick you. especially when your white trash piece of shit dealer puts a nice smelly nug of his own in there but takes it out right before he sells it to you to make it smell to trick you.

    i hate the CBD trend. in the 90s sometimes you got a ditch sack, true enough, but never a sack of fake weed, like truly nothing in it, looks perfect, smells good bc of the bag trick, but has zero head at all.

    KC is a ripoff weed greed, ditchweed town if you don't know someone :( sigh, unconnected, awaiting opening of dispensaries

  2. Toke up suckers.

  3. Anyone with a condition on a fixed income should get a card and make some side cash. Medical is a joke, it just criminalizes honest poor sick people.

  4. The sad thing is this is condoning a drug culture with far reaching and unanticipated consequences. Talk to any teen growing up in CA or CO and let them tell you about the widespread use and abuse of marijuana since its legalization. The long-term impact on teen's brain development, addiction, and introduction to other drugs is a big unknown. The THC concentration make these more akin to hard core drugs than what existed on the street 10 years ago. It's irresponsible for this article to not address the drug abuse that these clinics enable and the dire consequences for some of our kids. We'll see whether this experiment will have measurable impact when our kids become adults.

  5. ^^^Nice idea but in the end, it's always about the fucking dollars.
    There is a fortune to be made in med-weed.

  6. @8:47, you sound like a true connoisseur of the weed game. I'm not into weed myself (just don't care about it), but if I was I'd certainly come to you for a referral.



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