Tuesday, January 14, 2020


The theme for today turns out to be a worsening war betwixt progressives vs. establishment Democratic Party interests. The rift is apparent not only across the nation but also in Kansas City.

Locally, this town confronts the same issues that plague Dems:

- Progressives are the loudest and most active voices in local politics. They move social media and street level organizing much more effectively than their counterparts.

- Unions and corporate special interests have all the money and they're not backing radical progressives. A certain level of professionalism is required to garner support from the party's top levels. OLDER, more socially conservative establishment leaders aren't giving away big bucks away to the street level protesting political underclass.

- The African-American voting bloc is NOT on board with progressive, radical LGBT and immigration initiatives and, rightfully, demand more representation among the party's leadership.

Meanwhile, Prez Trump has intimidated the establishment GOP into submission and essentially he's their biggest and best star who has far more public support than any other right-wing American leader or voting bloc.

And so, here's a roundup of the debate links we're checking tonight . . .

Dems Are All White

The January Democratic debate, like the slate of Oscar nominees, will be very, very white

January's debate stage, much like this year's slate of Oscar nominees, is going to be very, very white. In fact, it will be the first debate without a single person of color onstage.

Grumpy Old Men Argue

Sanders takes on Biden over Iraq war vote during Democratic debate

The final Democratic presidential debate before the pivotal Feb. 3 Iowa caucuses quickly erupted Tuesday night, as Bernie Sanders directly challenged former Vice President Joe Biden's initial support for the Iraq War, which he called "the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of this country."

Lady Question Looms

Can a Woman Win the Election?

How We Lost the Right to Move Freely Is This the Worst Sports Tweet Ever? Identity-Based Coalitions Aren't Lining Up for Democrats in 2020 Trump Says He "Saved" Obamacare's Protections for Preexisting Conditions Welcome to Day 4,742 of "Can a woman win the election," coming to you daily, it feels like, since Hillary Clinton announced her first candidacy on Jan.

Bloomberg Monopolizes Break

2020 Dems excluded from debate turn to commercial breaks to get message out

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Three Democratic presidential primary candidates who didn't qualify for Tuesday's nomination debate will still get their messages out even though they won't be on stage at the primetime showdown. Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is running a commercial on national cable TV on CNN, the network that's televising the debate, as well as on MSNBC.

Progressive Pix Exposed

In pictures: The Democratic debate in Iowa

It's the final Democratic debate before the Iowa caucuses next month, and the leading candidates are getting a chance to speak directly to those who will be casting a vote.

No Joke

Dave Chappelle enters 2020 fray: 'I'm Yang Gang!'

Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang gets a big endorsement from Dave Chappelle. The legendary comedian will stump for Yang with performances in South Carolina. No word on whether Chappelle has a Yang impersonation but in this clip, you'll see Chappelle is no stranger to political impersonations.

Prez Trump Counterpoint

Watch Live: Trump Rallies In Milwaukee During Democratic Primary Debate

President Trump is holding a campaign rally on Tuesday night in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as the Democratic presidential candidates take the stage for their seventh primary debate and the night before House Speaker Nancy Pelosi officially transmits articles of impeachment to the Senate. Trump is expected to take the stage around 8:00 pm.


Bernie Sanders Denies Telling Warren a Woman Couldn't Win, and She Chooses to Move On

The final Democratic presidential debate before primary voting gets underway began with a sharp focus on wars in the Middle East and trade, but wasn't long before a dispute between progressive frontrunners brough an uncomfortable debate back to the fore: Can a woman run for president and win? Sen.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Old man Biden is coming out ahead here. He's the only one who has a support outside of his twitter feed.

MAGA KC said...

So, you're just going to hand the election over to President Trump? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

@8:57 is completely incorrect. Look at what President Trump is doing. If he's going after Bernie there is definitely a reason for that. He knows where the real threat is coming from. Now is the time for Democrats to offer voters a real choice. Biden and Warren just just as corporate as the Republicans and Trump. Senator Sanders is the only REAL alternative and his policies are a last chance for working Americans to vote their interests instead of just hoping for hand outs and hand me downs.

Bernie Bro KC said...

^^^ +100

MAGA KC said...

Trump wins.

Anonymous said...

Impeachment FAILED. That is the headline for tonight. None of these candidates have a chance.

Anonymous said...

What's the "Debate Can?" A trophy or something?

Remmi said...

Democrat Can . . . Toilet trophy for second place and bitching about the popular vote for another 4 years!


Anonymous said...

Bernie won and he'll win in November as well.

Sorry Trumpers.

Anonymous said...


The DNC assures their members that they can have any flavor they want...as long as it's VANILLA!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^ Sorry, Americans aren't going to vote for socialism. They've seen the destruction it has brought to other countries and don't want to have that happen here. Neither Warren not Sanders have a real shot.

Ishi said...

^^^ Why are conservatives so obsessed with homosexuality. Seems like they think about it constantly. Seems like a closet case guilt. Btw, Warren is the only candidate who is still going up in the polls. The rest are just trying to hold their base together.

Anonymous said...

but..but..not all White..

blue-eyed blonde WASP Liz Warren got her $400,000 /yr Harvard gig by claiming to be an American Indian..

and Democrats NEVER lie!

KC Yang Gang said...

Yang is the only candidate who makes sense.

If the party really wanted to change, they would put him front and center.

Anonymous said...

Trump wins re-election hands down for sure now, the dims don’t stand a chance

Fu KC said...

I want to be on record here just so you shit heels never forget it:

Trump loses Pennsylvania.

Trump Loses Ohio.

Trump Loses Michigan.

Trump Loses Wisconsin.

Trump loses the popular vote. The fact is that any of these candidates could defeat him. He's a paper tiger and his campaign hasn't had a significant win since 2018. They were trampled in 2018 and this time around it's looking worse for them.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +1 Sure, I'll take your pamphlet. Do you have one on flat earth too?

Anonymous said...

Tough choices for Democrats. They like:
1. Bernies communism
2. Pocahontas Warren’s lying
3. Buttegieg’s homosexuality and faggotry
4. Biden’s incompetence

Anonymous said...

11:02 for the laugh.

Waldo In Waldo said...

I know that the ReTHUGlicans always say this about Kobach but I am a Democrat and tonight there wasn't much that I saw that would convince voters in Red State. Of course California will vote for whoever the Democratic Party puts forward but when we're talking battleground states, all of these candidates will make it very tough to get people to the polls and turnout is key, it's how Trump won to begin with.

Byron Funkhouser said...

"Warren got her $400,000 /yr Harvard gig by claiming to be an American Indian."

That's not true. Her heritage, or lack thereof, had nothing to do with her hiring. Her status as a Native American was highlighted by Harvard to show how wonderful they are, but she was not hired because of it.

Conservatives always lie.

Anonymous said...

^^^STFU loser

Anonymous said...

^^^^^And yet Warren (and her mother's family) thought she was part Native American while Trump knew he was not Swedish. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone bother watching...they are all open borders globalists...open borders and mass immigration lowers your wages and raises your rent, sucks your taxes away from other needed expenses, and dilutes your vote.

Anonymous said...

@12:34; Where did you find your 'facts' or did you make that up?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

This ain't your grandfathers Democratic party. It his communists party. So much loosing, are they all old examples of Common Core ? MAGA LANDSLIDE INCOMING

Anonymous said...

Video from inside Bernies campaign:


Anonymous said...

6:08: And yet my grandfather could speak and write in seven languages, and you have not yet mastered English. Weird.

Anonymous said...

6:57 Thinks everything is weird. THAT is weird.

Anonymous said...

And yet 7:22's comment is weird. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Well, no. He's a kook with no real plan.

Anonymous said...

Sure, sure. Papaw and cheekbones! I love how you all continue to defend the worst lie in Fauxcahontas' quiver. Please keep doing so, because it's a laugh riot every time.

Did Trump ever claim an underprivileged minority status in order to exploit that status? Nope.

But Lieawatha did. ;)

Anonymous said...

^^^^^And yet she didn't. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Fred Trump was a war profiteer. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.