Kansas City Valentine's Day Hype Begins

Here's a Kansas City guide to prolong doomed marriages and relationships by boosting the local economy and attempting to earn the praise of hipster servers who despise their clientele . . . Meanwhile, denizens of stronger relationships will be enjoying takeout and doing it twice. Read more:

16 Romantic Date Spots for Valentine's Day in Kansas City

Whether you're feeling a romantic night with your significant other or want to spend time with your girlfriends for #GalentinesDay, we have you covered this Valentine's Day. Check out the best Valentine's Day dinner spots in Kansas City. Corvino will have seating turns in the Tasting Room at 6 and 9 pm for their ten-course Prix-Fixe menu.


  1. Waste of time and money

  2. ^^says the virgin INCEL.

  3. Spot #17

    Going through the pick-up lane at Taco Bell in-reverse, so the girlfriend pays.

  4. Haters will even hate on the one day dedicated to love.

  5. Buy you a diamond ring my sweet if it makes you feel alright. Money Money Money .MONEY .


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