Thursday, January 09, 2020

Kansas City 'Troy Schulte Way' Confronts Dead End At 12th Street

We talked about this story almost a month ago in 2019 . . . And then we noted the idea FAILED in a recent Parks Board meeting. Now here's the newspaper attempting to charge readers for our blog community leftovers:

'Troy Schulte Way'? Kansas City considers honorary street name, but mayor is doubtful

For all the grandeur of City Hall's south entrance, the street it sits on bears an unassuming name: 12th Street. But soon, that block of 12th between Oak and Locust streets could be named, honorarily, " Troy Schulte Way." Schulte, who ranks among Kansas City's longest-serving city managers, announced in September that he would retire.


Anonymous said...

Albino Ape

Anonymous said...


Q: What do call it when a guy sells his soul to a frosty ambulance chaser, boondoggles an airport terminal project, throws millions into a pit at 18th and Vine, and lies to get the largest tax increase in KCMO history passed?

A: The Troy Schulte Way!!!

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Anonymous said...

@8:54 nailed it!

HORSESHIT! THAT's the "Troy Schulte Way"!

Frances said...

Kansas City needs to fall into a sinkhole, to be filled by the river and renamed "Jacomo Lake West'.

Anonymous said...

^^Night night pop pops. Maybe tomorrow will be the day you depart! Keep hoping.