Friday, January 24, 2020


A reminder before we share the latest toy train propaganda . . .

- The Streetcar has been offline no less than half a dozen times this Winter.

- Businesses around the streetcar continue to shutter despite the promise of biz winning.

- The expansion has FAILED TO WIN CITYWIDE VOTER SUPPORT and suppressed around 50K votes in order to draw only from a small sample.

Now here's their side of the story:


(Kansas City, Missouri) – After more than three years of service, streetcar passengers are still riding in record numbers while enjoying the reliability, efficiency and ease of use of the Kansas City Streetcar.

In 2019, the total KC Streetcar ridership was 2,228,942, a 5.5% increase in ridership from 2018. Since opening day, the KC Streetcar has had more than 7.8 million passenger trips, with an average daily ridership of 6,107.

“After three years of operation and record ridership, the KC Streetcar has solidified its role as an important connector for downtown Kansas City and point of pride for residents from around our region,” said Tom Gerend, Executive Director, Kansas City Streetcar Authority.

In addition to high ridership, the KC Streetcar Authority periodically checks in with passengers by conducting customer satisfaction surveys. In the fall of 2019, the KC Streetcar Authority conducted a customer satisfaction survey to collect and analyze user opinions regarding all aspects of service. The information collected is intended to serve multiple objectives, including overall satisfaction with KC Streetcar services and who, how, and why riders are using those services.

The top three categories that are most important to streetcar riders surveyed are the reliability of service, ease of use and streetcars running on schedule. Among the 13 service-related items rated by streetcar riders, 11 received satisfaction ratings over 90%. The highest rated service items were ease of use, reliability of service, and condition of stations. The results of the customer satisfaction survey show that rider satisfaction levels are strong in multiple categories:

- 96% satisfaction on reliability of service
- 98% satisfaction on ease of use
- 95% satisfaction on personal safety while riding
- 95% satisfaction on professionalism and friendliness of staff
- 95% satisfaction on cleanliness of stations and vehicles

“The most important thing we do is providing a safe and reliable transit option for downtown Kansas City. These customer satisfaction results are best-in-class in the industry and more importantly reinforce our team’s commitment to providing the best service and experience we possibly can for our riding public," said Tom Gerend, Executive Director, Kansas City Streetcar Authority.

The KC Streetcar has highest ridership on the weekends (Friday evening through Sunday) thanks in part to special events and downtown entertainment options. The majority of weekday streetcar riders surveyed indicating that their primary trip purpose was work related.

Riders were also asked about how they receive streetcar service related information. 88% of respondents were satisfied with how they receive information about service delays, with most respondents stating that they use the real-time arrival signs (44%) or kiosks at the streetcar stops (32%) for schedule and delay information. Text notification and social media were other methods respondents use to receive information.

In total, 88% of respondents find RideKC services (RideKC Streetcar, RideKC Local Bus, RideKC MAX and RideKC Express service) important or extremely important to the community. Additionally, 89% of respondents would find an extension to the riverfront and to UMKC’s campus helpful.

The 2019 KC Streetcar Onboard Customer Satisfaction Survey was conducted during September 2019. The survey was administered on-board KC Streetcar service on both weekdays and weekends. More than 340 weekday riders and 375 weekend riders completed the survey.

For the complete Customer Service Survey, visit the KC Streetcar website here:

You decide . . .


Super Dave said...

The real truth about the street car has been undisclosed while one lie after another is disclosed. Go ahead and read another if you want because the truth will never be made public by the city.

Anonymous said...

^^^ +25,000,000

Anonymous said...

Yet Tommy Boy Gerend from Iowa continues to commute to work daily via the freeway and automobile from his suburban Olathe home. Salary and full benefits and bonuses paid for KCMO Taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Typical city government lying cocksucker

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness the Streetcar has enough ridership to pay for itself, rather than being yet another parasitic drain on the taxpayers.

I hope the City Government never gets any insane ideas about making it free to ride like they want to do with the Busses.

Anonymous said...

LOL, but I don't live in or go near that 5th most murdering Kcrumbling Kcorrupt Kcowtown.

Retro ROCKER said...

The Tourists Loves it. Let the Good times roll Bon ton. The Roaring Twenties. Money will be spent on food Entertainment Travel. There will be less spent on Big ticket items. That will bring down the economy .Credit is Taped out. So let's have some fun before half of America is going to see layoffs. Seventy percent are already one paycheck from disaster .

Anonymous said...

The streetcar was a Dumbocrate idea! I hate that mother fucker when in traffic I have to sit behind it and wait through 9 stop lights trying to get home after working for a dumbocrate company!

Anonymous said...

I was doing an experiment on social interaction- collected money on a corner while I played a guitar.
I collected $250 in 3 hours.
Never saw one person on the train.
I am going to Mayor Locos and I am threatening to move if he doesn’t provide free housing for me for 20 years.
I will take my trade else where.
I wanna live in a skyscraper free for 20 years or I am moving!
I could make more in 3 hours in Kansas.
And not count riders on a dumb train.
The people of Mission KANSAS will love my guitar while I collect tips.
Won’t have to worry about paying 1%.
They are proud of my guitar and collection hat!
I need some TIFF now or I am gone!

Anonymous said...

@2:41, get a job somewhere else!
There are Subway Restaurants all over.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can do the math and know the city is lying about these numbers.For these numbers to be real it would mean:
1) People are riding it to work and live along the streetcar line. Probably not.
2) Kansas City would need to be a major convention city and coventioneers have nothing better to do than skip the convention and ride the streetcar. Probably not.
3) All the $30,000/year or less City Hall, Federal Courthouse and Bank employees gave up their affordable homes and apartments in other parts of the metro and bought condo's or rent expensive apartments along the streetcar line so they can ride it to work. Definitely Not.