Saturday, January 04, 2020

Kansas City Three Light Coming Soon?!?!

A downtown development stan says:

"According to a construction bid website, @ThreeLightKC construction begins in February. Also:

"29 Story above grade / 6 Story below grade / 579000 Total ft / 322 units, up to 30 of which could be condominiums"

Take that with a grain of salt given that construction was supposed to start in the Fall.

It's uncertain if KCMO will pay for more taxpayer-subsidized luxury after a year spent advocating for "affordable housing" and low-rent tenant rights. Then again, KCMO taxpayers are always accustomed to more than their fair share of hypocrisy from local leadership.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Before KCMO taxpayers are forced to subsidize yet another "luxury apartment" building in the taste desert of downtown KCMO, it's important to remember the other high priority budget items still pending:
At least a few hundred million for cost overruns at the airport.
$350 million for BikeWalkKC's "transit" dreams.
A few hundred million for a new downtown baseball stadium.
Add at least a few million more for the 18th and Vine "Jazz District".
A couple million for the "administration" of the new renter ordinance.
As usual, forget any money for streets, sidewalks, water systems, or additional police.
Any of the general fund left?
How about another arts festival?

Anonymous said...

and 4, 5, and 6.

Anonymous said...

But they are getting by with it and the people of KC keep voting those in who are neglecting the city and charging the tax payers for it. So I really don't feel sorry for the residents of KC it's what they want.

Anonymous said...

It's okay KCMO homeowners have unlimited amounts of money to pay for these things.

Anonymous said...

$350 million for BikeWalkKC's
F... that. Your one of those that hates cars and flips me off every time I come to close(20 ft) to you.

Anonymous said...

3 Light is adjacent to Streetcar, which was supposed to eliminate the need for massive taxpayer subsidized garages. The Con keeps on going!!!! Thanks Slie, Cindy Circo and Jan Marcassen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and don't forget about 1/2 a billion for a streetcar extension to UMKC, as if 3 Light people are really going to ride it when they find poor people and people of color sitting next to them. And why would they want to sit on a streetcar for 30 minutes to go to the Plaza when they already have all their expensive restaurants near them in downtown?

Grant Cardone said...

Only STUPID people pay rent!!