Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Kansas City Tech Disconnect

Perspective on how this town's Internets craze doesn't exactly live up to the hype from a scribe moving past the hype and looking at the reality of sketchy startups and a job scene that doesn't live up to social media excitement. Read more:

(Dis)Connecting the Digital City

The smart city is still a work-in-progress and its record in fostering social inclusion and diversity has been dismal so far. Burcu Baykurt looks at broadband adoption in the first Google Fiber city, and says that we need to identify the racialized, gendered, and classed experiences of connectivity in the city and recognize different groups' right to self-determination regarding digital infrastructures.


Anonymous said...

Burcu needs her head examined

Anonymous said...

She's wrong. It's the momentum!

Lorem Ipsum said...

So, after hacking my way through the "buzzword Jungle", I find that Ms. Baykurt spent a three-year long (fully Federal Grant subsidized) period living in Kansas City.

During this period she performed EXTENSIVE Research (she interviewed 110 people in three years).

Her conclusion is that Google Fiber,
despite wiring the Inner City at their own expense,
and despite providing Inner City residents with free installation,
and despite providing Inner City residents with free unlimited Internet service,
and despite providing Inner City residents with free equipment with which to access the Internet,
HAS NOT DONE ENOUGH TO CREATE AN INTEREST in USING the Internet among the Inner City Residents, and therefore Google is