Monday, January 27, 2020

Kansas City Shut Out In Jeff City Again?!?!

Last year KANSAS CITY INSIDERS TOLD US THAT GUN CONTROL WAS DEAD ON ARRIVAL IN JEFF CITY . . . Now here's a peek at policy goals that aren't quite as captivating but still might offer minor gains around town. Take a look:

Here's What Metro Kansas City Lawmakers Hope To Accomplish This Year In Jefferson City

Lawmakers representing district in the Kansas City metropolitan area have introduced hundreds of bills to this year's session of the Missouri General Assembly. Some of the bills, like a statewide prescription drug monitoring program or banning discrimination based on sexual orientation, have been priorities for years but didn't get to the governor's desk.


Anonymous said...

Hope.. Hope to ream citizens (again and again) with the Hope to pocket a nice under the table windfall.

Anonymous said...

It's 'districts', Ms. Aviva Okeson-Hyphenate.