Saturday, January 11, 2020

Kansas City Saturday Night News Gathering

With respect to legendary hotness, pop culture, current events, Kansas City news items and the current partisan debate . . . We humbly share these local news that aren't all about today's garbage weather. Checkit:

Kansas City Blight Fight Cont'd

KC leaders deem Marlborough neighborhood as blighted with goal to spark energy

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, Missouri, leaders designated nearly 350 acres in the Marlborough neighborhood as blighted as part of a community coalition and urban renewal plan.

Golden Ghetto Growing

One of the hottest housing markets in Johnson County fears losing 'small-town feel'

When she stops to think about it, Wanda Riedhart realizes she's approaching a milestone: She's about to mark eight years of serving pancakes, patty melts and pork tenderloins at her Wanda's Roadside Cafe in De Soto. On the spot, she decides a celebration is in order.

KC BBQ Embittered

Missouri's Kansas City Barbeque Society is in turmoil

KANSAS CITY - A board member under fire for allegedly swindling an Indian tribe in Oklahoma. The organization's $3 million Kansas City headquarters, bought and renovated just a few years ago, up for sale. The founder stepping away from day-to-day control. A CEO abruptly leaving after only a few months at the helm.

Show-Me Life Fight

Planned Parenthood Again Challenges Missouri's Cutoff Of Medicaid Payments

For the second time in two years, Planned Parenthood is challenging Missouri's denial of its claims for Medicaid payments. The first time Missouri cut off the organization's Medicaid funding was in fiscal 2019, after the legislature enacted an appropriations bill denying it reimbursement under the program.

Rock Chalk Cooperation

Kansas governor, top Republican reach deal to expand Medicaid

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat, and Sen. Jim Denning, the state's top Senate Republican, announced Thursday that they had come to an agreement on Medicaid expansion, which would provide the state's working poor access to health care coverage.

Everybody Against Ayatollah

Iranian protesters demand Khamenei quits over plane downing

A group of Iranian protesters demanded Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei step down on Saturday after Tehran said that its military had mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian plane, killing all 176 people on board. "Commander-in-chief [Khamenei] resign, resign," videos posted on Twitter showed hundreds of people chanting in front of Tehran's Amir Kabir university.

Prez Trump Vs. Bernie

Trump campaign steps up attacks on Sanders

For most of 2019, 's allies braced for an eventual clash with former Vice President , who remains a top contender for the Democratic nomination. But Trump's attacks this week underscore how the president's campaign increasingly views Sanders as a potential general election threat.

Hollywood Slapfight

Ricky Gervais Responds To Critics Upset Over Him 'Accepting' Conservatives

On Friday evening, Ricky Gervais responded to critics upset over the comedian "accepting" Christian and conservative followers since his blistering Golden Globes monologue against Hollywood. "I've noticed a couple of tweets criticising me for 'accepting' new followers who are the 'opposite' of me," Gervais posted via Twitter.

Silenced In The Senate???

Trump Suggests He'd Block Bolton Testimony "For the Sake of the Office"

The Courts Can Move Quickly. They're Slow-Walking Trump Cases on Purpose. U.S. Rejects Iraqi Demand to Withdraw Troops. Can We Do That?


Prince William breaks silence on Megxit

Prince William has told a pal he can't "put his arm around" his brother anymore - after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle abandoned their royal duties. He revealed his "sadness" over the tense relationship with his younger brother and the splitting of the Royal Family, according to The Sun .

Today's Rescue

Firefighters pull driver from creek after crash early Saturday in Gardner

A driver was rescued from a creek after a crash in the Gardner, Kansas, area early Saturday.Johnson County firefighters were called just after midnight to the two-vehicle wreck on northbound Interstate 35 just south of Gardner Road.One vehicle was found in the median.

Meth Town Moving Fast

Independence upgrading bus service

Independence has received bids for a project to enhance 20 bus stop locations around the city, including shelters at three locations and benches at all of them. The city has received a $150,000 federal grant through the Kansas City Area Transit Authority and will provide $37,500 from Public Works already earmarked for such a project.

Kansas City History Revealed

How did the Kansas City Royals get its name?

There are two famous royals in the Kansas City area - the Kansas City Royals and the American Royal. Both boast their own version of the World Series - one competes with a ball and a bat, and the other with smoke and meat. But are they somehow linked?

Halsey - You should be sad was the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

News & bewbs from KC.


chuck said...

Ricky poleaxed the Hollywood hypocrite-scold-demagogues who for decades from the eyrie provided by the progressive zeitgeist, preached the Gramascian gospel to we unwashed.

It would seem, that Ricky correctly assumes that the miasmatic wind up so high, is provided by insufferable, ineffectual gasbags and the nest if full of bird shit.

Lefty’s neurasthenia, evidenced by this latest proffering, is a comfort to those who hope for a return to common sense and a national compos mentis. For the communal psychosis, endured by poor, blinkered lemmings like Lefty, there is hope. Ricky’s opening monologue, on continuous replay, ala “A Clockwork Orange” might get Lefty back from the edge.

Ricky slew some holier-than-thou dragons last Sunday night.

Most of the ‘luminaries’ subsequently avoided the tiger trap Ricky set for them, in plain view. You could hear the sounds of rending paper as Hollywood ‘stars’ reached into their pockets, crumpled up, or tore up speeches (Polemics) designed to enlighten we swine in anticipation of our pearls. The resulting lack of preparation was endemic as very few ‘stars’ had speeches that made any sense at all. Like DeNiro, when there are no cue cards and writers to bail him out, they looked, sounded and were, indeed foolish, flummoxed and unprepared.

The notable exception, was Patricia Arquette. If tits were brains, she would be John Milton. As it turns out, nice tits are no correlation, or, causation when it comes to IQ and her rant on “Climate Change” had no effect on an American paradise that still, might not be lost.

Thanks Ricky, there is hope.

Anonymous said...

Put. down. the. thesaurus.

Yeah, I’m talking to you chuck. All you’re doing with that thing is making yourself sound silly. You’re not impressing anyone with your million-dollar college words. It’s just not the way into your reader’s heart.

I get what you’re doing it. I used to love using my thesaurus. Using long sentences with big beautiful sounding words made me feel intellectual. But really, all it was doing was making me sound like I was trying too hard. And obviously, I was. And frankly so are you.

So here’s the trick to actually sounding smart chuck - stop trying to sound smart!

I get that you want to sound smart, but what you’re doing is the exact opposite.

Your readers can't tell the difference between to, two and too for christ's fucking sake.

Anonymous said...

^^^KCskool distrik education = jealousy.

Anonymous said...

10:15 Watchoo taling bout Willis? You hang on his every word, read everything he writes and then comment 4 seconds after he posts.

You are his biggest fan.

Di he stiff you for an autograph or something?

Anonymous said...

10:15 is like Byron. An Idiot. P.S. TKC Oversized fake tits are not sexy.

Anonymous said...

10:15 you sound dumb and hateful, wounds still hurt from Mr. Gervais tongue lashing from the other night? Chuck and Ricky are right, now change your bandaid you self righteous moron and go to bed k?

Here’s your participation award, wear it proudly on your forehead “I’m Stupid”

Anonymous said...

The Marlboro neighborhood has had tens of millions of dollars spent on it over the last four years, tearing down shit loads of houses, new streets, sewers and water lines, tons of rain water runoff areas that look really nice and now they consider it a blighted area? What the hell did we waste all that money for the ? Should’ve left the place alone if all the city did was make it worse!

Anonymous said...

Looks like there’s a bunch of fake news people eating crow, Trump was right all along about Iran and the shooting down of an airliner, the people of Iran are even protesting. The dimwits should’ve gotten on board but instead they went the complete opposite direction and now look even more ignorant then they have since he became president. All my President does is just win baby! Hahahahaha!

MAGA! KAG! Trump 2020!

Anonymous said...

Is every single Democrat a homosexual? It certainly seems so.

Anonymous said...

"K C B S"

no comment needed

Anonymous said...

I agree, chuck is an insecure dummy. He knows the majority of readers to this blog are Trumpkins. That means they can’t think for themselves. They have to be told what to think, do when they see big words, they think that person must be smart! Wrong! Chuck is so dumb that he still has to work at his advanced age! He knows people NEVAR listen to him, and frankly pass him by on the street, so he gets a thesaurus out and writes run-on sentences with ten cent words. Most of us who don’t shit our pants and watch Faux News exclusively know a fraud when we see it. Chuck’s the biggest fraud of them all!!!

Anonymous said...

KCBS responded to KCUR's hit piece.

Bottom line is KC Public Radio's going the way of the supermarket tabloid.

Greedo said...

^^^^ Good link, I will send to TKC as well.

Anonymous said...

Chuck is going to have to get a restraining order against the "thesaurus" guy. His newest fan is like a lost puppy.

Anonymous said...

11:26 poor baby, did mommy not love you enough, did you not get a participation trophy today, c’mon chimpy, the weather will warm up again one day and you can do monkey shines for bananas again! Hahahahaha!