Monday, January 27, 2020

Kansas City News Link Pool Look

Even on this dreary Monday we're still inspired by THE RETURN Of SIRI because pop culture is pr0n and pr0n is pop culture. Moreover, we share community news and a few national links in order to provide our blog community with a better glimpse of Kansas City than anywhere else . . .

Arrowhead Stays Winning Better Wheelchair Access

Arrowhead seats help fund accessibility project

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Funds from the sale of Arrowhead Stadium seats will help make playgrounds in Jackson County, Missouri, more accessible. The Jackson County legislature adopted an ordinance Monday allocating that money toward the project that will add concrete sidewalks with "borders and ramps as needed," according to a city county news release.

Old School Flu Fatality

KC resident in their 80s is third person locally to die from the flu

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Kansas City Health Department confirmed that a third local person has died from the flu. According to a news release, the victim was in their 80s. Previous victims where in their 50s and 60s. The victim in their 60s had other health issues prior to contracting the flu.

Booze Biz Bust

Bar Louie files for bankruptcy and closes one-third of its restaurants

(CNN) -- Bar Louie, a restaurant chain known for its cocktails and burgers, has filed for bankruptcy and closed dozens of locations. The company announced Monday that it filed for Chapter 11. It came to an agreement with its lenders to purchase the chain through a bankruptcy sale.

Super Bowl Hack

Twitter accounts belonging to Chiefs, 14 others with NFL ties, hacked by overseas group

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Everyone wants a piece of Super Bowl LIV. That includes online hackers, who violated cyber security provisions on the Kansas City Chiefs Twitter page, as well as those belonging to 14 other NFL Twitter accounts. It's a minor security breach that could have originated from someone's mobile phone.

Kangaroo Tech Career Path

UMKC launches new data science institute

Students looking to find a career in what Harvard Business Review describes as "the sexiest job of the 21 st century" are in luck. UMKC is launching a new data science program to propel students further into data education with workshops designed to provide hands on research experience in the field.

Season Of Regret

Kareem Hunt: 'It hurts my soul' to not be playing with Chiefs in Super Bowl

Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt is missing his former team, the Kansas City Chiefs, according to police video obtained by TMZ.The former Chiefs standout was pulled over for speeding in Rocky River, Ohio, on Jan. 21. An incident report states the officer smelled marijuana in the car, and Hunt's car was searched.


Coming on Strong: The Return of Siri AVN

Arrivals and departures from Porn Valley seem as frequent as flights in and out of LAX. Performers arrive out of nowhere and leave just as suddenly, with fans and colleagues wondering where they've gone. That was certainly the case with Siri.

Royally Screwed?!?!

Prince Andrew has provided 'zero cooperation' in Epstein probe

Prince Andrew has provided "zero cooperation" in the investigation of Jeffrey Epstein's network of enablers, the U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York said Monday. Andrew, who has been accused of having sex with a teenage girl trafficked by Epstein, has indicated that he would be willing to assist in any investigation related to the case.

Tell-All Book Vs. Mean Tweets

Donald Trump denies telling John Bolton Ukraine aid was tied to Biden probe

DONALD Trump has denied telling John Bolton that he would only give Ukraine security aid unless it helped him lead investigations into Joe Biden. Bolton, the former national security adviser, left the White House a day before Trump released the Ukraine aid on September 11.


Tech N9ne teaming up with Power & Light District for biggest Super Bowl pep rally in Chiefs Kingdom

Two Kansas City institutions are teaming up for the ultimate Red Kingdom rally.Kansas City Live! and the Power & Light District announced Monday they are teaming up with Tech N9ne for "the biggest pep rally in Kansas City" starting at 5 p.m. Friday.Kansas City Live!

Footballer Freebies

Houlihan's offering free appetizers to anyone named Andy, Patrick, Travis, Tyreek or Tyrann

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- To celebrate the Chiefs making it to Miami, Houlihan's is giving away free food, but they're only giving it to some people. The bar and restaurant chain said if your name is Andy, Patrick, Travis, Tyreek or Tyrann they'll give you a free appetizer.

Hipster Artsy Support

Chiefs mural to be unveiled in Crossroads

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Three Kansas City, Missouri, natives are breaking out the red and gold to show support for the Chiefs ahead of the Super Bowl. Natalie and Caleb Ebel and Tyler Enders began painting on Monday, with plans to unveil their piece Tuesday in the Crossroads District.

Weather Right Now

Cold Tuesday with light snow possible in evening

Thick fog will once again move in overnight, with the low dropping below freezing, which could lead to a few slick spots. After a start of 29 degrees, temperatures will get back to the mid-30s. Toward afternoon and evening some light snow accumulation is possible, but on the order of an inch or less for most.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Go Big Red!

Both ways.

Anonymous said...

All John Bolton tried to do is get more people to back him in starting more wars.

Anonymous said...


And Bolton is trying to make more money by selling his book.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^ And your both wrong. The President has some explaining to do. Will he take the stand and defend himself?

Anonymous said...

OMG!! quick-- we need a Candice pic to balance out that photo of butt-ugly ,grotesque ,sore loser Bolton...yuuuuck!

Anonymous said...

"Donald Trump denies telling John Bolton Ukraine aid was tied to Biden probe." Trump also denies that the earth is round and that the sky is blue. He also claims gravity is fake news.

Anonymous said...

super-wanna be tough guy "Dolton" wanted to send thousands of American kids to die fighting worth-less wars

yet--when he lost his student deferment in 1970 -- that pussy dodged the draft by signing up for the Maryland national guard..spent a few weeks training..and never left the states during his hitch

yeah..he's got a lotta credibility.

Byron Funkhouser said...

The biggest source of Fake News in America is Donald Trump.

Imagine if your only source of information was his twitter account.

He lies several times a day, every day.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^Like you're doing right now?

Anonymous said...

11:08 got knocked the fuck out!

Anonymous said...

Houlihans should include andrea, patricia, tracey, tyra, and ann. sexist pigs.