Friday, January 24, 2020

Kansas City Housing Prices Spike

Important data here from a real estate blogger who knows her stuff . . . The numbers reflect rising costs and more locals getting priced out of the current bubble. Read more:

Kansas City Home Sales Prices Climb 5% in 2019 - At Home in Kansas City with Sarah Snodgrass

by Sarah Snodgrass · January 23rd, 2020 · Filed Under Real Estate Business · No Comments The average home sales prices for the entire Kansas City metropolitan area rose about 5% again last year in 2019. That is the same amount they rose the year prior.


Anonymous said...

b/c this is TKC i quickly read : Jon Stephens and Jason Grill follow up on the interview and discuss lingerie issues in Jackson County.

Anonymous said...

Damn she is an idiot

Anonymous said...

free,free,free,free.... housing.

Anonymous said...

The more regulations the city puts on landlords and rental prices the more the price of buying a house will go up. This is seen everywhere that rental restrictions are in place and why home prices in New York, California, Chicago, etc are so expensive. Basic economics