Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kansas City Hallmark Harsh Times Continue: Crayola Cafe Erased At Crown Center

Quick follow-up on this the demise of this local destination to purchase far-too-expensive food for the middle-class-rugrats on holiday . . . Family visits weren't cutting it for this place with a ton of foot traffic but horrible reviews. Read more:

Crayola Cafe closes in Kansas City's Crown Center

"Kansas City's Crayola Cafe has closed. The restaurant shuttered its doors Jan. 5. Officials said that plans are in the works for what will be located at the site in the future. "


CarlJ said...

I used to take my daughter there when she was younger. One of my favorite pictures of her was taken there. But the food was always bland or just not good....or worse, cold. And the service wasn't that great. Last time we were down there we walked by and it was pretty empty for lunch time. Sad to see in a way, but hopefully they will put something better in that spot.

Anonymous said...

The food was terrible, but at least it catered to my puerile mentality!

RRAST said...

The Cafe was approved to close over two years ago. The Cafe was run by the Westin/Marriott Hotel, who leased the site from Crown Center Redevelopment.

CCRC wanted to close it due to the low percentage it brought in monthly and replace it with a more profitable restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Good. It was overpriced institutional heat and eat shit food that catered to little fuck trophies.

That leaves Fritz's and Chuck E. Cheese as places to take the crotch fruit on their birthday or that monthly visitation after the divorce. Personally I'd choose Chuck E. Cheese, the food's still shit but at least you got a good chance of seeing a good ol' fashioned floor show when that family of niggers go tribal and start brawling with they baby daddy's family.