Friday, January 31, 2020

Kansas City Friday Night News Look

For our most beloved homebodies we share this collection of pop culture, community news and all manner of perspectives unrelated to the big game . . .

Toy Train Shares Stats

Rail News - Kansas City Streetcar logs 2 million riders in 2019. For Railroad Career Professionals

Rail News Home Passenger Rail Rail News: Passenger Rail The Kansas City Streetcar Authority recorded 2,228,942 riders in 2019, a 5.5 increase compared with 2018's ridership level. In 2019, streetcar ridership was highest on the weekends, authority officials said in a press release.

Rat House Suffers Harsh Times

KC woman known for 'rat house' in Westwood Park faces up to 25 years in prison

Carol L. Dille, whose rat-infested yard in the Westwood Park section of Kansas City has for years been the bane of her neighbors, may soon be headed to prison. She now faces up to 25 years.

Local Traffic Trouble

MoDOT closing EB ramp to Blue Ridge Cutoff on Monday until summer, impacting Kauffman traffic

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Monday, Feb. 3, the Missouri Department of Transportation is closing one of the ramps to Blue Ridge Cutoff for several months, impacting Royals fans heading to Kauffman Stadium this season. The agency will close the ramp from eastbound Interstate 70 to eastbound Blue Ridge Cutoff for pavement construction.

Candice Stays Classy

Candice Swanepoel exudes glamour in a figure-hugging black dress

She has previously revealed South Africa 'never left me'. And Candice Swanepoel showed her support for her native country as she attended the Mercedes-Benz Presents Fashion Talents From South Africa event on Monday. The model, 31, displayed her glowing d├ęcolletage in a form-fitting black dress at the event, which was held in Germany as part of Berlin Fashion Week.

Prez Trump Stays Winning

Senators Reject Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Trial

WASHINGTON-Senate Republicans rejected Democrats' demands to call new witnesses and documents in President Trump's impeachment trial, clearing the way for an acquittal on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges next week. The 51-49 vote late Friday afternoon represented a major victory for Republican leadership, which has sought to complete the trial as quickly as possible and avoid testimony that could be politically damaging.

Speaker Pelosi Pushes Back Against Travel Ban Crackdown

Pelosi: Trump's expanded travel ban is 'outrageous, un-American' and threatens 'rule of law'

Speaker Nancy Pelosi President Trump Donald John Trump The Memo: Trump tries to steal Democrats' thunder in Iowa Democrats make closing arguments to Iowa voters Alexander to vote no on witnesses, bringing trial close to end MORE 's expanded travel ban after he included six other countries to the list of those that will face increased travel restrictions.

Brexit Complete

The UK has left the EU -- and the implications for the world are huge

Brexit has happened. After 1,316 days of political turmoil, the UK now stands alone as the first nation to have ever left the European Union.

China Sickness Spreads

Coronavirus live updates: China says death toll hits 259, confirmed cases rise to 11,791

All times below in Beijing time. Beijing announced that companies in the city will have to find ways to work remotely till Feb. 10 to stem the coronavirus outbreak - except essential industries, according to state media Beijing Daily. Other provinces and cities have delayed the start of work.

Kindness Is The Answer

In an angry America, a new remedy emerges: Compassion

As the head of a big-city hospital's emergency department, Susan O'Mara has always focused on providing quick answers to people in crisis: A relative desperate for information. An injured person facing a very long wait. A colleague exhausted from dealing with fed-up patients.

Local School Help

Hickman Mills district adds access to legal, laundry service

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Hickman Mills School District is hoping a new program is able to help families with laundry and legal questions. The district announced this week a new partnership through LINC and the Justice in Schools project that will give families an on-site attorney that can help families dealing with eviction, foreclosure, family law and health care.

Kangaroo Long Game Winning

From Slovenia to Swinney: Maks Klanjscek travels 5,000 miles to play for the Roos

In the closing seconds of a blowout victory over Toledo in late December, Kansas City guard Maks Klansjcek peered down the Roos' bench. His teammates, Jashire Hardnett and Brandon Suggs, were at the far-end, handing out high-fives and soft slaps on the back. The 20-year-old Klanjscek eventually joined in on the postgame celebration minutes later.

Gary Shares Weather Goodness

Weekend weather looks Super Bowl great

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Share in our weather experience on the weather blog. Click on the blog at the top of the page for more information. For a full list of weather alerts, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Candice makes up for all the trouble in the world.

Anonymous said...

Street Car figures are a lie.

Anonymous said...

^^^ just like those tourist numbers.

Anonymous said...

No freaking way no 6,106 people a day day in and day out ride that damn thing. That's an avg 0f 400 people per hour when based on an avg 17 hour per day running. On a good day the buses haul 48k covering the whole city. But we are suppose to believe the street car moves an 1/8th of that figure on a two mile route.


Super Dave said...

The city will never ever tell the truth on the rider count related to the street car. To do so would extremely prove what a failure it is and a huge costly extravaganza that benefits nobody.

Anonymous said...

Netflix is a russian asset!

Anonymous said...

Actually that would be 60 people per train trip. Entirely plausible. Take a break k?

Anonymous said...

Streetcar is lucky if they get 200K who comes up with this crap?