Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kansas City Fed Honcho Talks Rate Hike

The plebs talk about the economy in partisan terms but there's a consequence to good times as local Fed leaders look to make money even more expensive . . . Read more:

Last year's rate cuts may need to be reversed, Fed's George says

By The Federal Reserve might have to take back the three interest-rate cuts engineered last year if trends holding down growth ease, said Kansas City Fed President Esther George on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

3 rate cuts in a year is a recession measure. Why do that if the economy is supposedly booming?

Trump's Fed appointees don't know what the hell they're doing either.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^^^ 100% TRUE.

Anonymous said...

10:42 - why should we believe you know what the fuck you're talking about? Or you, 11:01? I'm pretty certain neither of you has an undergrad degree, much less an advanced degree, in economics or finance. So, I would suggest you shut up and let the adults run the show and keep making cold calls in your sales job or whatever else you do that has absolutely nothing to do with finance or economics.

Anonymous said...

^^and I would suggest you find something better to do with your time then get angry on a blog at people you've never met. You're losing at life. Grow up child!

Anonymous said...

Rate cuts are to spur growth during recessionary periods. Econ 101.

But go ahead and attack the messengers.

It's what people do when they can't debate the facts.