Thursday, January 16, 2020

Kansas City Crime Scene Thursday

Lots of news links and items related to police action, court cases and all manner of ALLEGED misdeeds from around the metro. Take a look at the latest:

Kansas City Relaxed Chase

Slow-speed chase along Independence Avenue in Northeast Kansas City

Thursday morning, multiple law enforcement agencies pursued the driver of a vehicle in a slow-speed chase. Police followed the vehicle through Northeast Kansas City, Sugar Creek, Independence, and then circled back into the Northeast. The driver was finally apprehended on Independence Avenue near Columbus Park neighborhood.

Vape Crackdown Underway

Kansas attorney general proposing legislation to ban vaping inside public places

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Vaping inside many Lee's Summit public places is now banned. This month, the city council added e-cigarettes to the existing Clean Indoor Air Act, which prohibits smoking indoors. And now, the entire state of Kansas could follow suit.

Domestic Drama Postscript

Overland Park man charged with murder in sister's killing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - An Overland Park man was charged Thursday in the slaying of his sister, who was found dead earlier this week in what police described as a domestic situation. Parker John Mays, 27, was charged in Johnson County District Court with premeditated first-degree murder, District Attorney Steve Howe said Thursday.

Youngster Innocent After JoCo Homicide Charges

Jury says 13-year-old charged with murder of 14-year-old in Olathe is not guilty

OLATHE, Kan. -- Johnson County's district attorney said Thursday that a jury found a 13-year-old not guilty of second-degree murder of another teen in Johnson County. Zavier Mendoza, 14, was murdered at a townhome near South Constance Street, not far from South Black Bob Road and 125th Street on Thursday, Aug.8, 2019 around 2:17 a.m.

NextGen Hacker Tactics Confront Missouri

Criminals are using 'Frankenstein identities' to steal from banks and credit unions

It started out like any other online loan. Notre Dame Federal Credit Union reviewed the application. It did the necessary background checks, and authenticated the applicant's credit score and background. But it wasn't until a group of borrowers in Missouri abruptly stopped making payments that the South Bend, Indiana-based lender smelled trouble.

Rural End Game

Jackson County Sheriff investigating after body fond near US Hwy. 24, Shoshone Drive

Twitter: @sheriffforte SOURCE: Twitter: @sheriffforte The Jackson County Sheriff's Office is investigating after a body was found in far eastern Independence.Sheriff Darryl Forte tweeted Thursday afternoon that a person's body was found off of Shoshone Drive , which is off of U.S. 24 Highway in the Fort Osage area of Independence.

Permanent Porch Piracy

Police search for thieves who pose as Amazon drivers, steal packages

OLATHE, KS - Olathe and Overland Park police are looking for individuals posing as Amazon drivers and stealing packages off of porches, instead of delivering them.

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