Thursday, January 23, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl Victory By Way Of Football Pity?!?!

Still counts as any denizen of local dating life will attest . . . Read more:

Kansas City Chiefs fans deserve this Super Bowl so darn much

We're almost through that boring first week in the break between the Conference Championship Games and the Super Bowl. It's during this time that you know a Super Bowl is coming up very shortly, but chances are the thought of it has gone to the back of your brain before things really kick up next week.


  1. Hope Tyreeeeek makes up proud with his dog pee routine.

  2. ^^^^Hope you go into the light!!!

  3. Chief fans don't deserve crap. Any team that supports players like Tyreek Hill don't deserve anything nor does it's fans.

  4. ^^Whaaa!!! Tyreek Hill triggers me!!! He's younger, stronger, and richer than me!!! Whaaaa!!! I'm old, broke, and lonely, why does he deserve everything!!!! Whaaaa!!! I'm white and I failed, he's young and black and more successful than I'll ever be!!! Whaaaaa!!!! Why did I lose???? Boo Hoo!

    1. Oh Chimpy. Your desire for Tyreek is nothing to be ashamed of. There's no need to have a chimpout! Lol

  5. And its true, Tony. With all the transplants moving to surrounding suburbs, Kansas City hasnt really attracted good, intelligent people here. Nope, these people are satisfied the most by pity, handouts and i appropriate cultural appropriation. Kansas City Chiefs could win their way out of a snow storm - and its just a fluke that they made it this year. If they happen to win, it will another few lifetimes before it ever happens again... just like those Royals. Remember when retards from Witchita and Nebraska or even Overland Park for that matter - were walking around talking about they were raised royal? Give me a break! They were raised suburban in a completely different state. Dont you just love the bandwagon folks?

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