Saturday, January 04, 2020

Kansas City Chiefs Confront Pats' Legacy

As locals talk the Titans game, we share big picture perspective from this local talker regarding our cowtown against so-called America's team. Checkit:

The Lead-Off - Chiefs can end the Patriots dynasty

In the first and only hour of The Lead-Off with Brandon Kiley, BK talks about how the Patriots are the matchup he wants for the Chiefs - because he wants Kansas City to be the team to end the New England dynasty, as they already should have.


Anonymous said...

And who is this clown?

Anonymous said...

He looks a fag

Anonymous said...

^^^Well you sound like a fag so....

Anonymous said...

"Chiefs can end the Patriots dynasty"

- Titans already did that... looks like a Texans vs Ravens AFC Championship battle - featuring the 'best two QB's in the NFL' Lamar 'Jailbreak' Jackson and Deshaun 'The Man With The Golden Gun' Watson (we know it won't be Bills, Patriots or swiss chiefs)

Tracy Thomas said...

So sad. Hope you are wrong. Every morning when I open the pantry, I smile at my box of Mahomes Magic Crunch cereal.

I thought this was our time, but when Kelce started dropping the ball, I kinda lost faith.

Anonymous said...

^^^Two worthiness geezers who don’t know shit about football. One’s a degenerate cocksucking troll, the second is a hair-brained shrew with early onset Alzheimer’s. Great!

Tracy Thomas said...

9:19, have you been reading Tony's inquiry about how to improve this blog? Which would include kicking you off? Stop attacking other commenters and add useful commentary on the TOPIC.

Also work on your use of English. You could go far in 30 days, 9:19!
It's not worthiness, one assumes you meant worthless.
And it is hare-brained, like the rabbit--not hair.

Enjoy your Sunday.

One doesn't need to be as knowledgeable as Tony Romo to just enjoy football. Emphasis on enjoy. I enjoy the game because, like basketball, it is the largest collective example and demonstration in America of the physics of MOMENTUM.

You know, like when Trump defeated Hillary. A shift of energy.

Which is why I made my comment about Kelce, dropped passes. A shift of momentum. Just like the Patriots, lost their momentum last night. So many perfect passes from Brady, just dropped by various receivers. Out of sync.

When Gronkowski retired, it was the beginning of the end of that dynasty.
And when Robert Kraft got tagged for his sexcapades, that too tarnished their juju. Who wants to play for a liar sex fiend, when there are dozens of other teams?

Anonymous said...

^^^^Blah blah blah....shut up and make me a sandwich!! You don’t like the comments? Go away! There. That solved it for you. Now get my sandwich idiot!

Anonymous said...

Probably the end of the dynasty. Okay, big wow - they all end. Everyone knows that, well not KC fans who have never had anything close to a dynasty. You'd never know that to listen to Chiefs fans though, bragging about multiple division titles as if that's really a thing. Face it, the Chiefs have yet to accomplish anything of note and any claimed rivalry with the greatest NFL franchise in history is laughable.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet the Chiefs are the best team in football. Weird.