Sign of the times . . . Millennials are leaving organized religion. Here's one of the local places that are providing a substitute for community:

An Oasis for the Less Religious

Community and connection often can be found at places of worship. But where can people who are agnostic or atheist connect with like-minded folks in Kansas City? That's the earnest inquiry the curiousKC team recently received from a loyal reader. One possible answer is Kansas City Oasis, a secular non-profit that puts an emphasis on human connection over spiritual commitment.


  1. Pascal's wager----

    An argument according to which belief in God is rational whether or not God exists, since falsely believing that God exists leads to no harm whereas correctly believing that God exists may lead to an eternal reward.

    The Dualistic struggle with the concept of an indifferent God sends us further down the path to more "Bricks & Mortar" solutions.

    The path to "Enlightenment" at this "Oasis" would be better served with beer and whiskey.

    It couldn't hurt.

  2. Yes, fuck the church. Maybe this way our sex organs wont be abused by so-called clergy.

  3. Oasis: all tranny all the time.

  4. God is a bully with a really sweet surveillance system.

  5. But then, Chuck, we're left with the question of which God to believe in.

    The Benevolent Father - who created us in his image and therefore must by his own nature eventually forgive any trespasses we may make during our lives? So everyone is predestined to eventually go to Heaven, sure hope neither Adolph Hitler or Charles Mason winds up as one of my neighbors.

    The Clockmaker - he made it, he wound it up, he started it running, then he walked away.

    The Myth - we need something to give us hope, so we create ourselves a Super Daddy. But then we see evil things in the World, so we need another Deity (let's call this one Satan) who opposes, (but careful, has to be less powerful than), Big Daddy.

    Best to just give up thinking and worrying about this, just do whatever Reverend Joe-Bob Wayne Dwayne says, hand over your money to the Church, and go on feeling smug about being better than "those people".

  6. 7:54 = Pacal.

    Oriental Philosophies provide a far more reasonable, utilitarian and, if you travel the road, insights into what is really, reality.


  7. Read "The Three Pillars Of Zen". Kind of a layman's guide through a door we never open.

    Can't hurt.

  8. ^^No. Go to work.

  9. Byron Funkhouser1/31/20, 10:27 AM

    We can't debate the existence of god because there isn't one.

    It's not possible.

    To be a christian, you must believe that a virgin gave birth to the "son of god".

    That's not a rational belief.

  10. @7:54 again Chuck, already read it!

    I blame my wade through the "Philosophies of Starvation" on Somerset
    Reading "The Razor's Edge" got me wondering about the Bhagavad Gita, which in turn led me to explore the Theravada and all its progeny.

    But then I turned sixteen, and figured out that all of the Oriental beliefs sure were a great way to keep the proles in line (There'll be Pie in the Sky bye and bye when you die, yes there'll be Bread overhead when you're dead), and turned away from all the Eastern Con Jobs and back to the West. No "true Truths" there either of course, so I now just set back and watch the "Mythos of Spirituality" roll by.

    Transcendental Voodoo (a/k/a "There's something greater than Now" is the greatest of Thalia's children!

  11. The Kansas City Oasis group is a division of the Kansas City Atheist Coalition.

    I didn't find the to be friendly AT ALL to believers of any kind, even though they claim to be welcoming to all beliefs.

    They seem mainly concerned with LGBT issues and don't have a single Black Person on the Board. In fact, at the meetings I attended I didn't see ANY Black people, although of course some may have shown up at other times.

    But worse, the unreservedly support abortion at any time for any reason...unware that Planned Parenthood alone has eliminated more Black Lives than the KKK did in its entire existence.

    Definitly an elitist crowd.

  12. 10:27 claims you can't debate the existence of God but a simple Google search reveals dozens of debates.

    Once again, Byron has lied stupidly and obviously.

  13. I've been there. Nasty group. That video is very deceptive. Fake News.

  14. 10:32 That's cool

    The realizations, enlightenment are an individual insight that can't be explained, only 'felt'.



  15. BTW I loved The Razor's Edge".

  16. ^^Why aren't you at work?

  17. God does exist - or else people would be killing themselves in droves to get to the next "promotion level" of their existence. But they know they may be judged. So they make up their own comical religions or "ways to work your way to heaven". If you cant get that promotion at work, get that ribbon in a marathon, pay your bills on time, pick a winning stock, get your kids to obey - you certainly can't work your way to heaven. God created mankind in his own image - mankind has been trying to return that favor for centuries.

  18. ......hey Anony 3:18.......
    How many innocent babies did your god kill in child birth just today?
    any guesses?
    Nine mo'.s and labor.......and god kills it at birth.
    What kind of god does that?
    ...a god with 'free will'?
    .....any comments?

  19. ^^^^ since when do atheists care about abortion or even "post birth abortion" (like Governor Northrum?)

    You can't have it both ways.

  20. Babies who die in childbirth have it easy. They have done no concious wrong or rebellion against God so they are in heaven immediately. They are not even "born in sin" as they are not sucessfully born. And they are spared a life of lies, scams, broken hearts and then after living a while - death.

    God does whatever he wants. Whatever he does is right. He makes the rules.

  21. I would rather die a baby. Instead of living a long life, the whole time knowing your going to die, and the people who brought you into this world are gone (died), and you have to wonder why did they conceive you, knowing yes it is a new life, but they also knew you would die and they are dooming a human to death. Your parents guaranteed your death by conceiving and giving birth to you. And they aint gonna be around to hold your hand when you die! Its illegal to kill a 2 week old baby. But not illegal to let the baby live long enough so it dies a "natural death" even though it could have been prevented if you had not conceived the baby. if babies had a 100 IQ when they were born, they would ask their parents - why did you bring me into this world - now I am gonna die.

  22. ^^^ as opposed to never existing at all? Nope. I am glad to be here and when God is ready he will deliver me from this. The government...and certainly not you...Will not.


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