Friday, January 24, 2020

Kansas Abortion Crackdown Underway

Election season 2020 line in the sand . . . Recent victories in Johnson County reveal that women have abandoned Sunflower State Republicans en masse and this latest crackdown effort hopes to bring back the faithful on a core wedge issue . . . Read more:

Kansas Lawmakers Want To Block The Right To Abortion By Changing The State Constitution

TOPEKA, Kansas ⁠- Lawmakers are fast-tracking a push to amend the state constitution and undo a Kansas Supreme Court ruling that said women have the right to abortion. The goal, with voters' approval in August, is to add a line to the state bill of rights saying abortion isn't constitutionally protected ⁠- and that legislators can regulate abortions, including when a pregnancy results from rape or incest or threatens a woman's life.

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Got to fill them prisons in 18 years