Tuesday, January 07, 2020


Another reminder TO WASH YOUR HANDS and stay at home and rest rather than getting everybody else sick. Latest update:

Nearly 2,000 flu cases confirmed in Kansas City

SHAWNEE, KS (KCTV) -- The flu is sweeping through the metro, and chances are you probably know someone who has had it. There have been almost 2,000 confirmed cases of the flu in Kansas City, Missouri. Just in the last two weeks the number of cases at St.


Anonymous said...

Wear a mask and gloves and you'll be fine mingling around in The New Third World Shit Hole

Anonymous said...

Agree When the city leaves old sewer lines laying around of the streets for 6 months and does nothing about the rat problem in Brookside and Hyde Park after they dig up the old lines and cause rats to scatter. I'm surprised it's only the flu and nothing worse, but give it time it will get worse.

Anonymous said...

The flu is very deadly. 65,000+ people died from it in 1 year/flu season recently. That's over 1,100 per state. That's alot more than died the 9/11 attack in NYC. But since its not "man made death", people sweep it under the rug. But it will kill you as dead as a terrorist. If you don't get a flue shot your being a fool.

Anonymous said...

It is now statistically proven that the death rate is now one out of one.