Here's an even better local report on the upcoming fanboy tax increase push which PROMISES THAT THIS IS THE LAST TIME sports teams will hit up taxpayers . . . Until they need a few more million sometime in the near future . . . Read more:

Push underway for downtown baseball park in KC

Another push is underway for a downtown baseball stadium.The current lease for Kauffman Stadium expires in 11 years. While it's in excellent condition at 47 years old, a downtown baseball advocate said it was mistake to build the sports complex where it is."We didn't mind that we were turning our cities into doughnuts with holes in the middle.


  1. Don't forget about density!

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  3. Sure go to downtown St Louis where they have two reasonably new stadiums promising the same thing at huge taxpayer expense. They are massive footprints that have killed any organic growth.

  4. This is beyond stupid, so I guess groundbreaking will be next year.

  5. Mayor Lucas publicly says that we need to rein in the already oppressive tax burden on local residents...yet continues to solicit and accept campaign contributions from those firms and individuals who would personally benefit from a taxpayer-subsidized downtown baseball stadium.

    Lucas For KC
    M.E.C. ID NO. C141317
    DATE OF REPORT 1/13/2020
    Money On Hand at the close of this reporting period $114,691.57

    Bill Gautreaux1223 West 56th StKansas City MO 64113MLP Holdings LLC -- Managing Partner 8/22/2019 2,000.00 2,000.00

    Stephen Dunn5401 Pawnee LnFairway KS 66205JE Dunn Construction -- Chairman8/23/2019 1,000.00 1,000.00
    Timothy Dunn9600 Manor RdLeawood KS 66206JE Dunn Construction -- Chief Investment & Treasury Officer8/28/2019 1,000.00 1,000.00
    Thomas Whittaker654 W 66th TerKansas City MO 64113Dunn Construction -- COO 8/26/2019 1,000.00 1,000.00
    Brian Dunn4936 W 88th StPrairie Village KS 66207Construction Mgmt -- JE Dunn Construction 8/27/2019 200.00 200.00
    Terrance Dunn12008 Ensley LaneLeawood KS 66209JE Dunn Construction Group Inc -- President & CEO8/14/2019 2,500.00 2,500.00
    Gordon Lansford4600 W 146th StLeawood KS 66224JE Dunn Construction -- President & CEO8/27/2019 1,000.00 1,000.00
    Paul Neidlein8420 Cedar StPrairie Village KS 66207JE Dunn Construction -- Presient - MidwestRegion8/22/2019 250.00 250.00

    Kenneth Block700 W 47 Street Suite 200Kansas City MO 64112Block Real Estate Services -- commercial real estate8/16/2019 1,000.00 1,000.00

    Lisa Garney3011 Roanoke RdKansas City MO 64108LMG Construction -- President8/26/2019 3,325.00 3,325.00

    Vincent Bennett5250 Westminster PlaceSaint louis MO 63108MBS -- Real estate7/28/2019 3,325.00 3,325.00

    Charles Cuda10254 N Kansas AveKansas City MO 64155Self -- Real Estate Broker8/19/2019 1,000.00 1,000.00

    19th and Oak LLC 460 Virginia AveIndianapolis IN 46203 8/27/2019 3,325.00 3,325.00

    ECI Fund LLC 165 N Meramec AveSaint Louis MO 63105 7/29/2019 3,325.00 3,325.00

    ...many more, and those are just some of the recent ones.
    Lucas will sell KCMO taxpayers down the river!

    1. Thank you for posting this information. Please keep posting this info for all the council members.

  6. Kansas City sure does have the mo! Unfortunately we also have the larry and the curly joe. And between them they run the city.

  7. The missing piece is that we DONT need a stadium downtown and there are many other higher priority projects that need potholes!!!

  8. ^^and yet we are getting a stadium downtown. Weird.

  9. KC can't pickup the trash, crime is out of control, the infrastructure from sidewalks, streets and bridges are failing, the fire department and police department say they are underfunded and asking for a tax increase. So KC has an extra couple of billion to build a baseball stadium. What are these people thinking.

  10. ^^Whaaa!!! Whaaa!!! No progress ever!!! No! Not while there's one pothole out there!!! Even though every major city has crime, nothing new ever!!!! Whaaaa!!!!!!!

  11. 69 year old Paul Goldberger, author of the new book “Ballpark: Baseball in the American City.”

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning architectural critic who wrote for the New York Times, the New Yorker and now Vanity Fair was the keynote speaker at the Downtown Council annual luncheon Thursday.

    Another Streetcar Charlie Hale style hustler making the rounds and putting the bullshit on in the various sinkhole cities with idiots running things.

  12. KC (or Jackson County) isn't just going to donate a couple million for a stadium.

    People act like KC built the truman sports complex and handed the keys to the hunt and kaufmann families.

  13. ^^^^ we did, we are the never ending money supply for rich people and politicians

  14. The Chiefs are in the "BIG GAME" shouldn't WE build them the new Stadium down town?

  15. ^^No retard. They need the parking the stadium complex provides. Use your rapidly shrinky brain geezer!

  16. But not too long ago the convention hotel was the missing piece.
    Then it was Bartle Hall expansion.
    Followed by THE streetcar extension.
    Then a new subsidized office building.
    And now this.
    Are the KCMO electeds really this cowardly, stupid, easily-rolled, and financially irresponsible?
    Past experience is not encouraging.

  17. You fools cannot bring this up without talking about reconfiguring I-35 & I-70.
    The fan population is not going to end up moving to live along the streetcar line. Or are you going to try to instruct people to go to a parking lot away from downtown and then take the street car?
    People driving through downtown now on these roads already miss exits or merge last minute. I hate driving on i-35 and i-70 through downtown b/c it's the most dangerous sections of the highways, and then there is 71, where the hell all those maniac drivers going, not downtown, just through downtown.
    Not only will there be the already predict bad traffic there will be a lot of wrecks. Or will folks not going to ball game have the forethought of taking 435 around the city.

    So show people your traffic plan to convince them it will not be a nightmare.

    Other than that, seems to be lack of ideas to build something on all those empty lots that were made desolate without much forethought when the two highways were put in.

  18. ^^^OK Boomer. Please do us all a favor and give up the keys. YOU are the danger.

  19. Or you can post a big signs on i-70 and i-35 that say "go around bitches there is a ballgame going on"

    Or you can start charging a toll to all drivers that drive through downtown.

    Or you can stick 1pm in the middle of the highway to direct traffic with their tiny millennial dick.

  20. If this is such a great investment John J. Sherman can pay for it out of his fracking, black gold, and Texas tea fortune.

  21. 9:21: Some of us would consider repairing and replacing streets progress just as most of us would repair a failing foundation before installing granite countertops in our own homes.

  22. its all about making the big money people even richer. It would be a fiasco. Less people would go to the games because downtown has been perceived as dangerous for decades. Not just senseless, it's a great example of corruption and inside dealing.


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