Downtown Kansas City Stadium Playback

Locals like it when people pretend to care about what they think . . . Sadly, newsies are more apt to pay attention than elected leaders. Take a look:

Royals fans react to downtown ballpark renderings

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A Kansas City architecture firm is pitching its vision of a downtown ballpark. Pendulum released renderings of what the stadium could look like. Its proposal puts the stadium in the East Village between 10th and 12th streets and Cherry St. and U.S. Highway 71.


  1. Put ballpark in North Kansas City. More room for it. Run train over the new Broadway Bridge and Heart of America bridge.

  2. Stop hoarding polluting things we already have one of.

  3. Maybe the queen, and Meghan and Harry and the royals can weigh in and throw in a few bucks.
    That would be, of course, a few hundred million bucks.
    But why try when the ever-easily rolled Jackson County and KCMO taxpayers are willing to be on the hook?
    Just another bond issue.
    And maybe some "developer and entrepreneur" will come up with a can't lose idea for the current ballpark.
    And all they'll need is funding.
    Lots and lots of someone else's money.
    Got anyone in mind?

  4. @12:08, HELL NO!
    North Kansas City has no room left, and sure as hell doesn't want the Johnson County Kansas Baseball Park!


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