Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Clay County Finally Coughs Up Sheriff's Cash

Northland political debate that newsies dutifully document but have trouble deciphering given that the drama is mostly personal and a pastime of political hobbyists and consultants bulking up billable hours. Checkit:

Clay County Commission provides funding for sheriff's office

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Ending a months-long legal battle , the Clay County Commission unanimously agreed to provide funds to the Clay County Sheriff's Department. A judge ordered the commission to transfer nearly $1 million to the sheriff's department in August to make up for "arbitrary, capricious or in bad faith" manipulation of the sheriff's office budget by county staffers.


Anonymous said...

Ridgeway and Owen are going down!
Their flunkies in the Courthouse must be sweating bullets!

Luanne and Gene, stop wasting Taxpayer's money trying to conceal your misdeeds!
You know the Developers you serve won't have any loyalty to you at all, resign now!

Anonymous said...

They won’t resign as they have to finish their terms this year to get their pensions. So stfu with such nonsense! Lol

Nolte’s band of idiots.

Anonymous said...

Not even a Nolte fan, @7:54, but these two greedy idiots have made it absolutely sure he'll be re-elected!

And of course neither of them have any sense of honor or dignity, so they won't resign, no matter how evident it is that they should. Instead they'll just continue the gridlock that the County finds itself in now, and continue wasting our money on their own filthy schemes.

Glad you can laugh at this tragic mess, must be on the receiving end of the "Dastardly Duo's" largess!