Check The Kansas City Weed Directory

The Pitch partakes in some of that powerful medical grade marijuana money with this quick guide and a great many of their adverts . . . Meanwhile, there's mostly likely a "weed guy or gal" in the phone of just about every resident of KC under 75 and (hopefully) over 18.

Here's what the end of a laughable prohibition looks like . . . Checkit:

Kansas City Dispensary Locations | The Pitch

Medical marijuana has come to Kansas City and we've got the comprehensive list on where to find the kindness you're looking for. Check out our interactive map and circle back anytime you need help finding your most local hookup.


  1. Thanks to the pitch we now know where all the murder locations will be. Wonder if kcpd will be monitoring these locations for trouble?

  2. No thanks,I drive to Colorado for 75% less than these bum fucks sell for in KC

  3. My medicine!

  4. Just legalize the damn shit. 95% of citizens here are functional alcoholics so wtf does it matter if functional stoners are added to the mess.

  5. ^^^^ all the kids today are on anti depressants and anxiety meds so what’s the difference? They’re all walking zombies with cell phones, at least stoners can function better than they can.

    Now when it comes to the blacks.....

  6. ^^^OK Boomer. Please die now.

  7. ^^^ OK Junior. Please die now.

  8. we gonna'.....BURN ONE OR NOT?

    ....hope so.
    (submitted 'umbley)...........


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