Book Finally Closed On Kansas City Public Library Not-So-Open-Mic Dust Up Drama

Public comment concerns are important and this dude put himself ALL THE WAY OUT THERE for a library talk dispute that resonated deeply with middle-class reporters and denizens of the private talk . . . Take a look:

Free-Speech Case Over Patron's Arrest At The Kansas City Public Library Finally Comes To An End

A lawsuit stemming from the highly publicized expulsion of a Kansas City library patron from a public event nearly four years ago has drawn to an end after the judge ruled in favor of the lone remaining defendant. On Thursday, U.S.


  1. America does have free speech ..except for any criticism of Apartheid israel..then you go to jail.

    Oy Vey!

  2. Arthur Bensen, what a cunt.

  3. 6:46 comment = independent thinker who refused the brainwashing

  4. Isn't Benson the lawyer who got all that tax money for the Kansas City School Disrict, to the detriment of surrounding districts? It was all about the kids I bet! LOL!

  5. 6:46 and 4:05...there was a time when Jews did not fight back. The result? Millions were murdered. But now they do fight back. AND, they have The Bomb. So face it, bitches!

  6. KCUR lied. It was not at all a "long, rambling question", at least not by open Mic standards.

    And he was not particularly argumentative. Clearly the aggressor just didn't want to hear any criticism of the Zionist terror state.

  7. 7:20 Jews fight back now. The sooner you all learn that, the better.


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