Friday, January 24, 2020

Are The Kansas City Chiefs Bankrupting Middle-Class Fanboy Families?!?!

We've talked about high prices for tickets and the tragic myth of the "once in a lifetime" experience . . . Here's followup on rising prices and a roundup of more costs. Checkit:

Chiefs Fans Going To Miami For Super Bowl LIV Are Paying Record Prices For Tickets, Hotels

The Kansas City Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl for the first time in fifty years. That's prompting many fans to consider a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Miami to see their team play in person at Hard Rock Stadium on Feb. 2. Thinking of going to Miami for the big game?


Super Dave said...

I don't know about middle class folks being bankrupted but yes but some are putting a stain on the families finances as it seems so many fall all over themselves putting more money in the pockets of those making way more money than them. It's the lower income people who are getting hurt the most. People who can't afford a lot of things are the ones most likely to spend that they really don't have on things they hope will make them look like they are cool or belong with the in crowd.

I'm seeing all around me where folks are just losing touch with reality and buying up Chiefs everything and for what? I see people around me I know buying up clothing with Chiefs anything on it, not just one or two but several articles of clothing spending $25 plus dollars per item doing so but later will complain about buying a Kansas State Wildlife sticker that's only $15 for their car for a whole year.

The only ones I know who are in fact going to the Super Bowl can't afford it. They are putting the whole show on a credit card saying total they figure it's going to cost them close to 20K. Wow all that for bragging rights to say I going to risk 20k on a ball game not knowing who might win? No matter what it won't be any of the Chiefs or the Chiefs organization as a whole who will feel any pain or suffering over all those spending money they don't have. Those who go into credit card debt buying up clothing or trinkets that will most likely end up in the trash a year or two later. Nope the members of the Chiefs organization will smile and laugh as they head to the bank depositing all the royalty checks.

So many say they hate the rich, are mad at the rich for having more than them, then you have football fanatics who love making the rich even richer.

Anonymous said...

^^Blah blah they have a football team in that shitty6 town you live in stupid dave?? Cause you don't live in KC! Please mind your own fucking business about other people's money. Just because you don't have it doesn't mean we don't. No run along dolt, the short bus is waiting.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^^^Give it a rest you moron fucking retard. You say the same fucking thing all the time. It's all those JOCO people who are spending the money for tickets to Arrowhead you low life Kansas City people such as yourself don't.

Great points Dave, don't pay any attention to the ex-McDonald's rejects on here.

Anonymous said...

Yes, poor people stimulate and economy, It's called crime. Otherwise they bitch how they pay taxes while being on assistance and the Government is screwing them to the point they are poor. Or is it the Giverment ? Hands out, blab the poor me shit non stop. The bitchers are always the people that don't stimulate an economy nor pay taxes.