Friday, December 13, 2019


This is the space and the time where we usually acknowledge some of the Kansas City movers & shakers . . . This week there was only one collective worthy of mention:


We've talked about this one extensively but here's a roundup of today's news on the movement that might or might not continue their push:

KCMO Stands On Ceremony

Mayor Lucas signs 'Tenant's Bill of Rights' geared toward non-discriminatory, affordable housing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's been a priority for Mayor Quinton Lucas since Election Day. On Friday, Mayor Lucas, who was took his new role in August, made good on his promises toward affordable housing. He and other advocates for the less-fortunate celebrate a victory, as the mayor signed the Tenant's Bill of Rights.

Kansas City Free Friday

KCMO City Council passes tenant's bill of rights, first in the city's history

Photo by Chase Castor The sound in the council chambers was deafening-whoops, hollers, and chants from over 100 supporters of KC Tenants-on Thursday afternoon as the Kansas City, Missouri City Council voted to pass a tenant's bill of rights package on Thursday.

Cowtown Postscript

KC makes history by signing Tenants Bill of Rights

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City's new Tenant Bill of Rights signing has created much conversation nationwide. It includes Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, who tweeted about it today and said: "Congratulations to the advocacy work done by @KCTenants to help pass a Tenants Bill of Rights in Kansas City.

And So . . .

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Anonymous said...

KC bankrupt in less than 5 years.

Sorry, but this is is the way it's headed.

CK Tenants said...

Smiling Selfies Lucas. See, he's one of us!

Anonymous said...

I guess nobody understands the concept of supply and demand. I feel for some of these people, they're honestly dealing with slumlords and deserve a better deal. But a lot of them were just out for free rent and that's never going to work in the U.S. unless we're talking about some form of disability payment and accessibility.

I don't hate poor people, I think some of the measures are good for our city but overall the rush to push this through because of protests was unwise. I doubt most of it will be enacted and basically what we had this week was a dog and pony show.

KC En Fuego said...

^^^^^ wrong again Boomer.

They did the right thing, they got off their ass and made a change in the world. What did you do this week other than grow your toenails?

Anonymous said...

^^^wrong again, Millenial genius.

The whole thing is another way of saying, "I wants my free shit."
In this case: Living somewhere, rent free, for as long as they like.

Anonymous said...

It’s sad. KC is a declining community. City has too much debt and third world infrastructure. Personal income in KC is declining. It is easy to be a social justice warrior. Hard to rebuild a city that is in trouble. Many good people live in KC but are asleep.

Anonymous said...

This means nothing save for a bit of politician PR . . . and a win for increased bureaucracy and red tape. Does anybody think that a city unable to maintain a jail will have the smarts/financial resources to manage the entirety of urban rental properties?

I will say that the chanting at the signing ceremony was amusing . . . in a "I have an IQ of 65" type of way

Anonymous said...

Rah! Rah! Rah!
Yet another group of the KCMO asylum inmates now think they are running it!
And it looks like they might join the crowd.
Free buses!
All rights and no responsibilities as a tenant!
More marches and protests!
And more demands.
And the javelin catchers at city hall just smile and fold time after time.
With no way to pay for any of it.

Unknown said...

How is it fair to coerce the government into expropriating property owners?

Anonymous said...

This makes for good TV and future votes for the incredible Smiling Selfies Q.

Yelling at these people "why don't you get a god damn damn job like me and pay your rent like me" would not fly very well.

Anonymous said...

Now Smiley Q will get contributions from KC Tenant director Tara Raghuveer's well off physician parents and all their wealthy friends.

Maybe they will hold a big fundraiser for Smiley in their missions hills digs?

Anonymous said...

Tara Raghuveer@taraghuveer

21 hour ago
Uncle Bernie, we will welcome you at our tenant meeting when you find yourself in Missouri. Saturdays 3-5pm. Come feel the radical love ✊🏽
Quote Tweet

Bernie Sanders@BernieSanders

Anonymous said...

Bernie Sanders@BernieSanders
Congratulations to the advocacy work done by
@KCTenants to help pass a Tenants Bill of Rights in Kansas City. Safe, decent, and affordable housing is a human right, not a privilege.

Unknown said...

If it is a right, then there is an equal and opposite obligation to provide said affordable housing. But who has that obligation? Taxpayers? Homeowners? Landlords? What if landlords stop being landlords? Then the obligation disappears, and so does the right. But then it's not a right, my commie friend. True rights are inalienable and exist regardless if someone provides a service. Ergo, affordable housing is not a right. May I suggest reading something besides Marx?

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, human rights are what you can afford. No housing is not a human right. No health care is not a human right. No education is not a human right. Ideally those that can do will help those that cannot do. The free lunch isn't free. The key to the "tenants bill of rights" is the availability of both the property and the landlord of the property; and both are in short supply with a expectation of a shorter supply. Endless court cases have done little to address the slum lords so even more court cases isn't the solution.

Too many people that "can do" don't do. Exactly how is the bill of rights going to limit the destruction caused by tenants? I really don't have a clue of the issue is worse in Kansas City or better in Kansas City. The pursuit of a rent house opened my eyes to the excess of poorly maintained housing, regardless of the price of the house.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of how much people dislike the other candidate for mayor, a selfie doesn't get the job done. Ask the man a questions, any question. He doesn't have an answer. Whether or not he understand the question, he isn't listening to the question. The only answer is a smile and a selfie. I'll take the angry lesbian over Mayor Selfie.

Anonymous said...

There is picture of Smiling Selfies Lucas schmoozing Bernie Sanders. So there ya have it. The future of KC.

Anonymous said...

Rights. But who pays? Where are MY rights if I work like a dog to support bums like the fake "Byron"? (Not his real name by the way, and and he lives in Redneck Raytown.)

Anonymous said...

^^Actually he does not.

Anonymous said...

This rhymes . . . Quinton and Clinton.

Anonymous said...

This is great news for criminals including violent criminals! It's bad news for everyone else who will have to fear for their safety since landlords will no longer be able to ask about convictions or deny rentals to those with convictions.

Super Dave said...

Isn't it wonderful so many people think they have the right to tell you what you can do with the things you own?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yup whats next you'll breath when we tell you to. But only after you've pay a fee and have been screened for your right to exist?

Anonymous said...

Our very own local urban planners are starting to get upset with Q' Lucas because he's "stalling the momentum".

Funny stuff.

Charlie Horse said...

sQuintward cut all the renters' monthly payments in half? Who's got money to pay that?

Anonymous said...

Ask the Koch Brothers "how ya' gonna pay for that"? And the Koch Brothers will tell you they "don't pay for nothin?"

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Deadbeats refuse to pay bills, so let's legislate laws that will force productive citizens to pay for the loss. That's how it is going to work in Kansas City, Missouri after too many voters elected the wrong people to public offices.