Wednesday, December 11, 2019


The local publishing biz is brutal and it's mostly filled with unemployed hacks hating on everybody elese's good fortune. HOWEVER, we don't offer hate but rather provide news link encoruagement this "upscale" mag has found a way to make it work . . . Sent in by our readers, here's a glimpse at the local good life.

Should this place serve as the next TKC meetup spot???

You decide . . .

European-Inspired Book Shop and Wine Bar is a Calming, Creative Haven - In Kansas City

Sponsored content: Andrea Baca and Amy Covitz took a once-in-a-lifetime leap of faith: they left their careers as attorneys and opened Our Daily Nada, a European-inspired book shop and wine bar in the River Market neighborhood. Now, after almost a year and a half in business (they opened their doors in August 2018), Baca and...

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Anonymous said...

They'll be back to lawyering this time next year. This is clearly a self-indulgent venture.