Monday, December 16, 2019


Weather cancelled the Kansas City alt-right anti-impeachment rallies but still inspired a few attendees and quite a few hilarious comments among our blog community.

And now . . .


From the

Here's a look at the impeachment rally plans at J.C. Nichols.

And here's the action scheduled at Senator Pat Robert's office

Weather permitting of course, and while temperatures should warm up . . . Most people have lives and shopping to do.

Nevertheless, this inspires tonight's collection of impeachment news that impacts KC and the rest of the nation:

Terms & Conditions Apply

Here's One Weird Way to Avoid an Impeachment Disaster

We can call this strategy "conditional impeachment." Here's how it would work: The House adopts its articles of impeachment, as it is planning to do. But it also adopts a separate resolution saying that the House will deliver the impeachment articles to the Senate only if the Senate fails to censure the president for his Ukraine-related misconduct by a specified date.

Double Talk Tonight

Carly Fiorina says it is 'vital' Trump be impeached, but doesn't rule out voting for him in 2020

Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said she thinks it is "vital" that President Donald Trump be impeached, but stopped short of calling for his removal from office and did not rule out voting for him again in 2020.

Democratic Party Unites

As final impeachment vote nears, swing-district Dems fall in line

With just hours to go until the House Rules Committee meets Tuesday in a marathon session to set the ground rules on this week's final impeachment vote, many of the moderate Democrats in districts President Trump won in 2016 have started to fall in line in favor of impeachment.

Impeachment Voter Push Back

Trump Supporters Erupt At Democratic Rep. Slotkin Town Hall After Coming Out In Favor Of Impeachment

A group of President Donald Trump supporters on Monday showed up to Michigan Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin's town hall to protest her decision to vote in favor of impeachment.

Behind The Curtain

The Ukrainian Prosecutor Behind Trump's Impeachment

Of all the names featured in the private depositions and public testimonies of the Presidential impeachment inquiry-Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani; Giuliani's associates Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman; Joe Biden and his son, Hunter-that of Yuriy Lutsenko has been cited more often than almost any other.

Check The Competition

USA TODAY Poll: Impeached or not, Trump leads his Democratic rivals for another term

Trump defeats Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg and Bloomberg in head-to-heads. A third of Republicans support replacing Pence on the GOP ticket with Nikki Haley. Biden leads Democratic field, but the number of undecided Democrats rises.

Prez Trump Triumph?!?!

Impeachment Could End Badly

Democrats may regret the dynamics that the House's actions will set in motion. I don't have the courage of my convictions. President Donald Trump deserves to be impeached for trying to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political opponents. With every week, he says or does something worse than what he already said or did.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Will be there with bells on!

Jacamo said...

December is the worst time for rallies and these are protests organized by political action committees. So they will get better media coverage. I don't begrudge the protesters but just want to inform people about what's really going on behind the scenes.

2020 is going to be full of protests and most of them will be bought and paid for.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Where do I sign up?

Need a bit of Christmas cash. I'll tell my homeless friends to show up and get some cash as well.

Pay up beaches!

Anonymous said...

Is there any saving the Democratic Party? This wretched concatenation of ill-will, bad faith, false witness, and sore-loserdom lurches from one defeat to the next like some mindless monster from an ancient fable of ruin, seeking a final spectacular spasm of self-annihilation. Let’s face it: only an exorcism will do, some spiritual emetic to induce the projectile vomiting of all that borscht the monster has swallowed.

Yours Truly, Jim

Anonymous said...

The Democrap Schiff Show pays off for Trump --BIGLY!

KC Toaster said...

Trump will be impeached and if he survives till election.

Forget it, he's toast.

Anonymous said...

Say NO To Quid Pro Quo!

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

Anonymous said...

Trump stays, this backfires on the Democrats. In reality this probably has negative consequences for the Democratic Party advances in 2016. It's bad politics to promote something that has no real impact. Our Mayor Quinton Lucas should take a lesson from this.

KC Voter said...

^^ +100

Anonymous said...

The whole reason the dimwits want President Trump gone is one reason and one reason only....... the Supreme Court. It’s as simple as that folks, with Ginsberg near death they are running scared, they are doing everything they can think of wether it’s legal or not to stop him from having another appointee, Ginsberg will be dead by or during Trumps second term and that scares the hell out of them.

Remember December said...

"it’s legal or not to stop him from having another appointee"

That's right but it was also right when the Republicans obstructed Obama from appointing a Supreme Court judge.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Don't try to reason with these idiots. They're Trumpers and they'll believe whatever their orange leader tells them.

Anonymous said...

the places where people actually put their money behind their opinions..i.e. betting Trump a YUUUGE even money fave to win in 2020! Closest competitor is Creepy Joe at 5-1! Odds growing more in Trumps favor since the Schiff show fiasco.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Can Trump win Wisconsin?

That's the only real question and its SCARY that the fate of the world depends on it.

Anonymous said...

9:56 I’ll take never trumpets and Trump over idiots who believe in schiffless and peelousy, you guys don’t stand a chance! Hahahahaha!

KC Against Trump said...

^^^ OK Boomer.

Your president is so scared that he doesn't even want to debate and he's turning on Fox News. I don't think he's as confident as you are. And that should scare you.

Anonymous said...

Before the election, it's very odd that Hillary and the Dems all freaked out when Trump said he couldn't promise he would accept the election results because it's possible that cheating could happen. They couldn't believe their ears, and talked about how Trump didn't respect the election process. Now, it's the Dems that are showing they can't accept a duly-elected president. Their dishonesty and deceit about Trump's actions while in office is over-the-top hysteria and desperation. They've sold their souls to the Devil by trying to show us that the end result justifies the means -- any means, no matter how warped and shameful. It's disgusting to this independent voter who voted for Obama. I'm ready to vote for Trump in 2020 so this kind of dishonesty never happens again to any president.

Anonymous said...

Voters ultimately will ask themselves the same question they always do:
Am I better off than I was 4 years ago?

1. Better economy
2. Lower taxes
3. Lower crime ( not KC which still supports 1% Earnings tax)
4. More and better jobs for minorities with higher min wages
5. Higher 401k’s

Democrats have 5 Things against them:

1. Poor quality Candidates
2. Socialists’ Policies
3. Fake Impeachment
4. Fake and failing media
5. AOC and Old 80-year Old Pelosi and Lying Schiff as leaders.

Anonymous said...

House Democrats are impeaching Donald Trump without even 1 firsthand witness supporting their case (and at least 2 saying they’re wrong)

Meanwhile, the IG just released a 450+ page report showing detailed evidence of rampant FBI FISA abuse, and Democrats haven’t done a thing

Pete is my man! said...

^^^ Maybe because that IG report doesn't confirm any of that but does say that Trump had many more abuses that they weren't sanctioned to investigate.

Get this straight Trumpers:

Impeachment is a Constitutionally sanctioned process. President Trump is not a king and he is not above the law. If he's not lying he has nothing to fear.

Except for the next election.

Anonymous said...

fear who???!! Creepy Joe..Fauxcahontas..Pete Buttplug..???


Anonymous said...

Do not write off Hillary yet.
She thinks that she is destined to be the first female President.

Anonymous said...

KC Star editorial liberal talking points... meaningless
See CNN and MSNBC for confirmation

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

2 dollar gasoline. 401k up 20 % Record unemployment NATO countries starting to pay their fair share. China not getting it all handed to them. Taking troops out of places we have no business being. Looks like A Democratic wet dream to me, why are they bitching. Hope and Dreams comes true finally and they are mad. Childishly poor losers. MAGA Vote for an American for president not a do nothing socialist.

Anonymous said...

^^^^Good points, and yet Trump is so uncertain of a second win he twisted Zelensky's arm to investigate a potential rival. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020! Say YES to war with Russia. You know it's what you really want.

Anonymous said...

7:53, and yet he didn't and Zalensky got his money. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Yeah no.

The IG report revealed rampant abuse. Why else would Comey start walking his original story back, as he has begin to do? You guys are just going to have to fight this one at the ballot box.

Where you will definitely lose.

Anonymous said...

I'm an impeachment supporter and a huge trump fan. I support impeachment because it helps him greatly. Bring it on! They're too scared to actually do it though. Last week they said they were going to do it 12/18, which is tomorrow and it feels like they won't even be able to meet that. It's falling apart, sadly.