Monday, December 16, 2019

TKC Fact Check: Kansas City Can't Get Mad At Freebie Transit Running Late

You get what you pay for and local transit running late doesn't really need to cater to user demands . . . This is one small way out of many that free undermines KCMO residents . . . Also why I've been hesitating to restart the subscriber newsletter. Take a look:

Delayed start of service for most RideKC routes on Monday

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A delayed start of service is planned for most RideKC routes on Monday. Click here for a real-time tracker for KCATA routes. In Missouri, including Kansas City and Independence, and in Kansas City, Kansas, RideKC bus, MAX and express routes will be delayed.


Anonymous said...

Are buses free already?

Anonymous said...

No the buses aren't free (yet). Mute point. The pubic should have a level of expectations for a service provided by the government regardless of "price", as the services are often provided without competition. I don't think the buses should run with the bad roads due to safety conditions. Never understood why people think a big bus is the safer option on icy roads.

Anonymous said...

Well, statistically they are much safer. So, theres that. Thanks for doing your own research instead of spewing nonsense. You strike me as someone that believes that feelings mean more than facts in a debate. Due to that, I'll try and spell this next one out in crayon for you:

Quit yer bitchin, freeloader! The fucking bus is free! Dont like it? Then walk you whiny cunt!

Anonymous said...

11:09: Some people need to get to their jobs. Not everybody gets paid time off.