Monday, December 30, 2019


We broke this news over the holidays and then pushed the weather dude and his supporters to FINALLY make it official. Here's the word:

Thirty-Year Shawnee Resident, Veteran and Renowned Television Meteorologist Mike Thompson Announces Bid for State Senate

Political Outsider with Extensive Kansas City Television Experience Pledges to Serve On the Side of the People Who Pay the Bills

Shawnee, KS – Native Kansan and renowned meteorologist Mike Thompson, Republican of Shawnee, is running for the Kansas Senate in District 10. The seat has been held for the last 11 years by Mary Pilcher-Cook, who announced her decision to retire with an effective date of January 16th, 2020.

Per Kansas law, Republican Precinct Committee leaders within District 10 will select who fills the rest of the current term in an upcoming convention. An election for the full four-term term will be held in November of 2020. Mike Thompson will be running in both elections.

Thompson spent nearly 40 years in broadcasting, much of it as a well-known figure on two Kansas City television stations (KCTV5 and WDAF), retiring at the end of 2018. He won numerous awards and recognitions for his broadcasting work.

Beyond his work on television, Thompson was also heavily involved in the Kansas City community, particularly when it came to educating children about the weather. Mike originated, organized, wrote, and produced “Weathering the Storm,” an educational weather show designed for school children, for 20 years ending in 2018. Hundreds of thousands of children have attended the program, held each year at Kauffman Stadium, in conjunction with the Kansas City Royals. Between 2006 and 2014, he won six Emmy Awards for his meteorological work on-air and in for his work producing the weather show for School Day at the “K”.

Thompson said his decision to run for the Kansas Senate was driven by a desire to continue to serve the public he had taught about the weather for four decades and ensure that Topeka is working on behalf of the taxpayers.

“For 40 years, I enjoyed talking to people about the weather, providing them facts and information and warning them about dangerous conditions. Now, an unrelenting storm of higher taxes and spending increases threaten to leave Kansas behind the rest of the nation in terms of economic prosperity and quality job growth. For Kansans to feel confident about their economic future and the security of their pocketbook, these skies must clear and that means a legislature who is firmly on the side of the people who pay the bills,” said Thompson.

Thompson is a pro-life, committed conservative, who will uphold the core Republican principles of limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise, and traditional values.

“I look forward to continuing the proud tradition of Republican leadership from this district. I will work hard to earn the votes of the Republican Precinct Committee leaders in the next two weeks, and more importantly, the voters of Shawnee, Merriam, Lake Quivira, and Overland Park in the next year.”

Mike studied meteorology in the United States Navy, and after graduation was assigned as a weather observer/forecaster aboard the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Lexington until 1979. He began his television career in Oklahoma City, at KOKHTV and KWTV. He then moved to WPCQ-TV in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 1983, Mike became the chief meteorologist at KCTV in Kansas City, where he worked for 9 years before moving to WDAF-TV in 1992 where he was the Chief Meteorologist for 27 years. In October of 2019, Mike launched a non profit educational foundation, the Academy for Climate and Energy Analysis.

Thompson and his wife of 43 years, LeAnne, have 3 children and 10 grandchildren. Mike and his wife attend St. Joseph Catholic Church and have lived in Shawnee since 1983.

Developing . . .


chuck said...

What does Tracy think?

Anonymous said...

One right-wing nut for another? No thanks, stay retired dude.

Anonymous said...

Da "Smirking Smurf" goes to DC!

Anonymous said...

Mike has my vote! 11:53 can go play with the Socialists...and see what that gets him.

Anonymous said...

An individual whose past profession DEMANDED that he knew which way the wind was blowing working to become a politician?
Great qualifications!

Anonymous said...

As a precinct committeeman I will vote for Mike.

Anonymous said...

Total dimwit nut job who does not believe in Climate warming. After he reported this on the television 15 years ago, I never tuned this station in again.

Anonymous said...

^^^^@ 1:21

Not many of us believe in climate warming so button it up Greta.

Anonymous said...


A Greta Grabber.

"And a little Sperger will lead them" .

Unknown said...

Not many believe in the liberal spun global warming!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Smiling Selfie Mike

Anonymous said...

He’s listed as a “Policy Advisor” on the right-wing website of The Heartland Institute” which, if you read their website p, is frightening. Heartland is anti-public schools, wants to use tax dollars for private school vouchers.

Mike Thompson is a close personal friend of Mary Pilcher Cook. He’s a climate-change denier, a homophobe (he spoke out against an anti-discrimination ordinance which passed anyway), anti-public schools.

Rest assured those “Catholic” good folks at St Joe in Shawnee, where he and Pilcher-Cook both attend, will garner his votes for fear of eternal damnation if they don’t.

He’ll still lose in the Nov ‘20 election. By a landslide.

Anonymous said...

"Anti-public schools" = parents choose their children's schools, rather than the state or the school district. A good thing for parents. "Pro-public schools" = a politician accepting teachers union money to get elected so he or she can maintain the failed status quo. A bad thing for parents.

Anonymous said...

Since he does not approve of homosexuals, I will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Have to give him credit!
With so many media liberals... it’s refreshing to see a Conservative.

Go get them Mike

Piss off the Star and don’t give them an interview.

Just old old old people read it or liberals or anyone hardly compared to years ago.

I only read it when my neighbor wakes up late.

Anonymous said...

Super nice guy.

Anonymous said...

Go check out the Heartland Institute. Founded by the Kochs. In the 90s they partnered with Phillip Morris to deny smoking is bad for your health. Nothing like voting for a guy with a 1800s mentality.

Anonymous said...

If he opposes the Gay Agenda he has my vote!

Tracy Thomas said...

I like Mike!

And my friend and senator, Mary, wrote me that she only agreed to turn over the reins knowing that a good conservative is willing to step in, in January, and then run for election in Aug. and November.

I am not a R. committeewoman, but know some, and they are supporting Mike--he's working the phones this weekend to seek being appointed.

This is going to be a very contentious session, lots of misinformation already being circulated by misinformed liberals--and socialists. About expansion of Medicaid. And about abortion.

Now I happen to be a pro-choice economic conservative. We don't agree on everything. I do draw the line on post-abortion "comfort rooms", that is actually murder in my book.

sEN. mary Pilcher-Cook was hands down THE BEST STATE LEGISLATOR at understanding and explaining the budget. And a huge supporter of small business. BTW Tony, she has served for far more than 11 years.

The Ks. Legislature is a dreadful body--I would never serve there. Very mean behavior.

And Chuck, thanks for asking. I live in this district and it is very important to me to keep it conservative.

Anonymous said...

There's a 40% chance of rain along with a 40% chance of sunshine with a 20% chance of partly cloudy with no rainfall.

Anonymous said...

I live in Ks Senate District 10 also, and have for more than 29 years. Anyone who doesn’t know that Mary Pilcher-Cook is absolutely the most hated whack job of a Senator must be smoking crack. Check out a website “Crazy Stupid Republican of the Day” that has featured Mary TWICE. Mary is stepping down now because she knows she is so detested there’s no way she’ll win re-election. Mary introduced a bill to try to ban Huck Finn and To Kill A Mockingbird from public school b/c she deemed them “harmful”. She spent 5 days of taxpayer money drafting a letter to the state of New York because she disapproved of their abortion laws. Mary wouldn’t know bipartisanship if it bit her in the ass. Her fascination with what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is legendary. Mary is a voyeur.

So when Mike Thompson talks about his good friend and fellow parishioner Mary, be assured he will be Mary 2.0. If you are a straight white old male, he’ll love you, but anyone else won’t be an afterthought of a fart to him. Whose rights will he come after next, yours?

When Tracy spouts off about misinformation, she would absolutely know because she’s the queen of ultra-right showboating of misinformation. Anyone or anything that might try to make all people equal frightens her and her tiny slice of life.

The rest of us want to live peaceful meaningful contributory lives with a state Senator who doesn’t live in the Little House On The Prairie running around yelling ‘the sky is falling’. Mary and Tracy WANT you living in fear, so they can control you. Sad.

Anonymous said...

He’s got my vote. He never failed to call out the climate change thieves for what they are just a bunch of frauds and commies.

Tracy Thomas said...

Let's all pray for 4:42am anonymous coward.

First of all, if you are posting at that hour, you have issues that might need medical or spiritual attention.
Second, sign your name. I can take criticism, if it has merit, but you must step into the light to throw your mud.
Third, you clearly don't know me or my record of service in civil rights, back to 1968, marching, registering blacks in the projects in Des Moines, (with my father), joining a black church in solidarity with my own Lutheran one down the street, serving on the board of the Urban League. What have YOU done, 4:42?

You failed to notice that my praise for Mary Pilcher Cook was her acumen and mastery of all things budget related. And support for small business owners. That is what is desperately needed in Topeka. Not rhetoric and mud pies.

You obsess. You claim MPC "spent five taxpayer paid days" writing a letter? How bizarre is your accounting and reasoning--to think that when a human writes a letter expressing their opinions, that they do not own their time and ballpoint pen. Do you seriously think that any work or public service contract YOU have--thus owns your brain and dictates your conscience, 24/7? That you are some mental slave? That your words are only allowed to reflect GovernmentSpeak?

Get some sleep, 4:42am.

Another KsSen10 voter said...

Tracy for the win. 4:42am is a socialist, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Life was more fun before D's and socialists became such haters.
They whine about equality, in such a divisive way.

My observation is that Tracy is kind of a Republican social justice warrior.

She works for free to save taxpayers' money--like defeating the dreadful community center.
But also speaks up against that preposterous $2500 fine against some guy for illegally parking his ass too long at the microphone at City Hall.

2020 visionary from the cheap seats said...

For 4:42am to make assumptions about Mike Thompson is bias. Plain and simple. He's his own man. Not anybody's 2.0.

It's a miracle worthy of something celebrated weekly and read from the Old Testament at St. Jo church in Shawnee that ANYone would be willing to file, and campaign and serve in the Ks. Senate against the George Soros funded purple wave of socialism. (He is the European war criminal who finances Indivisible.)

Good for Mike! And good for Tracy for seeing thru the crap the left is already throwing. Monkeys in a cage.

Anonymous said...

I need a nap.

Counting my blessings tonight, glad I don't live with 4:42am.

And glad I can vote for Mike in August and November. Live be good here in Shawnee.

Unknown said...

Oh Tracy, you sound so triggered! I guess your ladder injury scrambled your ability to think with clarity that maybe, just maybe, there are people who work an overnight shift and leave work at 4:00am. I’ll bet if you try really hard, you might be able to even think about all the people who work in medical fields where the jobs aren’t 9am-5pm. There there, you poor thing, real life must be difficult for you.

I didn’t obsess about MPC’s amount of time spent writing her anti-NewYork abortion letter, it was widely reported in the KC Star, and she posed proudly for a photo op with Susan Wagle and the other pro-forced birth advocates in the legislative offices in Topeka. For your reference, it was Senate Resolution Number 1606 Feb14, 2019.

How nice that you trot out the worn-out “but but but I have black friends” mantra, from 1968 no less.

You remind me of that bible verse about those who thump their chests and proclaim their good works for all the world to see. Be my guest. I’ll stick to quietly to my own causes that are done behind the scenes.

Alll of Shawnee knows you, Tracy. I’ll just leave that there.

Grip Madlock said...

What difference does it make whether or not someone gives their name,afraid of being bashed on a blog comment board?

Quite thin skinned!

Anonymous said...

10:04 please provide a link to Soros "European war crimes." I'm betting you've seen and believed the internet meme that is total bullshit. If it's the one where Soros was a Nazi then we all, well those of us not in a cult, how fucking dumb you are. Let me break it down for you: Soros is Hungarian, you had to be German to be in the Nazi party. Soros was 7 when WWII started, you had to be 18. And last but not least, Soros is Jewish, which correct me if I'm wrong Sammy but I believe the Nazis didn't accept Jews.

Anonymous said...

Judging by the ignorance of many of the above comments, I'd say the crappy weatherman has a good chance of winning. I hope someone with half a brain enters the race; or is that too much to ask?