Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Rise & Fall Of Kansas City Craft Beer

EXCEPTIONAL essay from these knowledgeable booze-hounds documents the struggles of local brewers who have been forced to sell out or get out of this irrationally exuberant Kansas City "entrepreneurial" scene where maintaining quality isn't good enough for so many local movers & shakers. Checkit:

Evolve, Die, or Sell. The Constant Changes, Challenges, and Hyper-locality of Craft Beer in 2019

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Anonymous said...

It's pretty simple, stop charging $5-$7 per draw of hardly more passable beer than home brew. There's some pretty good ones out there, but for the most part a lot of these local breweries are not making beer that tastes any better than half-assed, garage home brew. Or worse, making beer that tastes like a pickled turd, and charging way too much for it.

Anonymous said...

Boulevard beer has gotten worse in the last few years. Not sure whether it was their takeover by a big European beer company, they started resting on their success or a mixture of both.