Sunday, December 22, 2019

The Kansas City Sunday News Look

Our Sunday morning glimpse at hotness, pop culture, community news and a few other interesting times from the most voracious and inspired blog community in Kansas City.

Redux: Old KCI Works Fine

Record number of travelers expected during the holidays

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - AAA said this year could break records for traveling during the holiday season. Millions and millions of people will be hitting the road or flying to see their loved ones up until January 5th, 2020. This means airports are going to be busy.

Kansas City Artsy Life Lesson

Bilingual Kansas City Kids Brighten Up Their School's Plain Gray Walls With Images Of Latino Culture

School's out for winter break, and Kansas City Public Schools fourth grader Miranda Hernandez can't wait to have arroz con leche with her family on Christmas. "It's rice with milk," she explained. "We have it every time when it's cold, like in winter."

Show-Me Farm Report

Missouri farmers cast doubt over limited US-China trade deal

A limited agreement easing trade restrictions with China appears like great news for farmers, who have struggled due to the trade war. Even with recent gains, soybeans are still about 20 percent less valuable than they were when the trade war began.

Rock Chalk Curse?!?

No. 1 Kansas latest victim to top-ranked curse, dropped by No. 14 Villanova

As has happened time and again this season, college basketball's No. 1 team has gone down. Jermaine Samuels' three-pointer in the closing seconds lifted No. 14 Villanova to a 56-55 win over top-ranked Kansas at the Wells Fargo Center Saturday in Philadelphia. The Jayhawks led by 55-53 with less than a minute to play before Samuels' dagger.

Hotness Culture War

Opinion | Is Victoria's Secret Identity Politics?

Victoria's Secret canceled its annual fashion show this year, a Christmastime staple of network television since 1995. The 2018 show had drawn only 3.3 million U.S. viewers on ABC, down from five million in 2017 and 12.4 at its 2001 peak.

Acting Out

Robert De Niro: Trump 'Needs to Be Confronted and Humiliated'

Robert De Niro sat down with Michael Moore on his new podcast Rumble with Michael Moore and again unloaded on President Donald Trump. "There has not been one thing about this person that has been redeeming, as far as I can see," De Niro said, before going off on Republicans for not standing up to him.

Chiefs Winning Talk

Chiefs vs. Bears predictions: Writers pick K.C. to overwhelm Chicago

After winning big against the Denver Broncos on a snowy day at Arrowhead Stadium last week, the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to extend their winning streak as they travel to Chicago to take on the Bears.

Fog Of Christmas

Winter begins with a dense fog advisory

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Share in our weather experience on the weather blog. Click on the blog at the top of the page for more information.

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Anonymous said...

Fog of credit card debt more likely?

Anonymous said...

Fog of home equity loan to pay property taxes

Anonymous said...

Robert DiNiro and Michael Moore to suck each other's dicks to occupy their stupid pieholes.

Anonymous said...

Robert De Niro can't put up a good debate if he tried. He's the one that's been humiliated by Trump and he can't handle it. He's right in there with the idiot Aylissa Milano and their 12 yr old playground bully mentality. Even cousin Eddie with his comment was more intelligent than De Niro. All De Niro knows how to do is drop the F bomb. Now that's smart.....NOT

Anonymous said...

Well, don't worry - at least Trump hasn't lost the support of Vladimir Putin and Jon Voight! And I'll bet Kid Rock is still on his side.

Let's see... with the support of a has-been Actor, a never-was Musician and the Dictator of a Country that has been the USA's bitterest Enemy for seventh years, the draft-dodging whoremonger infesting the White House is in the catbird's seat!

Anonymous said...


(The Top Photo needs no comments, it speaks for itself! - editor.)

Anonymous said...

Hillary 2020!

Anonymous said...

DeNiro obviously took too many blows to the head during the filming of "Raging Bull." Michael Moore has no such excuse for his stupidity other than possibly his ingesting excessive junk food toxins and saturated fats during his entire life that have seeped into his tiny brain and caused the misfiring of synapses.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Bobby DeZero.

Anonymous said...

Obama was a big fan of Putin. "I'll have more flexibility after the election. "

Keep talking it out. Let those bad feelings out, dear.

Anonymous said...

There is no farm deal with China. The farmers see the actual market and know it.

Trump just made it up and tweeted it out for his suckers to lap up.

Reality Speaker said...

Wow 9:11 !! When did you get out?

Anonymous said...

I thought it said fag of christmas and I was like what

MDLQ said...

Happy Festivus from The Rest of Us!!!!
Collusion! Collusion! Collusion!!!'re welcome.