Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tech Saves Kansas City Salvation Army?!?

Donations are down sharply but after our blog community talked about the dearth of cash . . . This news tidbit offered follow-up. Check the worthwhile app:

With donations down, Salvation Army says you don't need cash or coins to give at red kettles

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The sound of bells ringing by red kettles is one of the longest holiday traditions when it comes to supporting KC families in need. But donations are down at the Salvation Army, which could affect metro families next year.


Anonymous said...

The KANSAS CITY ATHEIST COALITION needs to ramp up their efforts to smear the Salvation Army.

Anonymous said...

The Salvation Army does good work but haven't changed with the times. The "ringing of the bell" is annoying at best. The lack of a truce with the LGBTQ community isn't a good thing for any organization. The street performers standing in the middle of the road with a hand out are the recipient of the proceeds that would be better suited for the non profits.

Anonymous said...

^^Thanks Scrooge McDuck. Now go find something useful to do with your time. It's Christmas for God's sake!

Anonymous said...

Follow your own advice, Chimpy! Lol