Friday, December 13, 2019

Survey Seyz Kansas Loves Weed

Quick number check on the slow road to decriminalization in the Sunflower State. The reality is that federal intervention would be far more likely than state lawmakers taking any action despite the willingness of their constituents. Read more:

Legalizing Marijuana Has Majority Support In Kansas, Poll Finds | Marijuana Moment

A clear majority of Kansas residents say they support legalizing marijuana for adult use and allowing the state to tax it, according to a new survey. The annual Kansas Speaks survey, conducted by Fort Hays State University, includes residents' opinions on a variety of public policy issues such as Medicaid expansion and firearms control.


Anonymous said...

Kansas could still beat Missouri, Oklahoma and Nebraska to the punch. Recreational weed would be a tax windfall!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course it does. Weed is no worse than alcohol and much better than prescription drugs.

MDLQ said...

.........So.....Are we gonna burn one or not?

Retro ROCKER said...

One toke over the line sweet Jesus on toke over the line Sitting In Dodge City Railway,station one toke over the line