Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Small Plane Crashes In Olathe

More news of danger from above . . . Here's the first report from the scene and followup reveals two are dead in this NYE tragedy:

Small plane crashes Tuesday afternoon in Olathe

Emergency crews are at the scene of small plane crash Tuesday afternoon near the Johnson County Executive Airport.Police were called at 4:05 p.m. to a field near the airport, where wreckage was burning.The Federal Aviation Administration said that a single-engine Mooney M20S plane crashed shortly after takeoff on the airport grounds.FAA investigators are on the way to the crash site.


Anonymous said...

I heard all the sirens and stuff wasn't a lot of smoke but wondered what was going on. I hate living this close to this amature airport. Been to many crashes here by it wasn't all that long ago one crashed into a house on the north side of the place killing people.

Anonymous said...


Are you kidding me? I didn't hear about that.

Anonymous said...

That's because it didn't happen .

Anonymous said...

5:50 I highly doubt you live there because that area is expensive and given your English skills I'm going to say your education level doesn't provide that kind of salary.