Friday, December 13, 2019

Show-Me Weston, Missouri Gingerbread Tribute To Notre Dame Cathedral

High-carb Catholic holiday season remembrance of a wonder of the world that mostly burned down this year -- Its scale is about one and 159th of the cathedral’s actual size. Checkit:

Kansas City area church displays Gingerbread Cathedral

(WTAJ/CBS) - Check out this masterpiece on display in a Kansas City Area church. Yes! You're looking at a religious tribute and architecturally accurate Notre Dame Cathedral. The creator didn't skimp out either. It's complete with chocolate gargoyles and statues to stained glass windows made of piped frosting with melted jolly ranchers.


Anonymous said...

The one the Muzzies set on fire ?

Anonymous said...

No asshole, that was your Mother - she thought it was the greatest sexual experience she'd ever had!