Friday, December 13, 2019

Show-Me Long Shot Missouri Tax Fight

An extreme and alternative plan seems to give a nod to the "taxation is theft" crowd and at least wants locals to consider the end-of-year government bite. Checkit:

Missouri Senator pushes bill to eliminate personal property taxes

One Missouri Senator is pushing to eliminate personal property taxes. Bill Eigel is a State Senator from St. Charles County. He filed the resolution to be considered when lawmakers return January 8th. He posted the resolution on his facebook page, saying "you pay a tax on your vehicle when you buy it, so taxing it every December is not reasonable."


  1. Hipster plans for the weekend? Sucking dick, of course. Same as every weekend.

  2. ^^^ Posted on the wrong thread and made an ass of yourself here once again, didn't you?

  3. Property taxes is rent. It aint your land it our land, pay your rent. but taxes on cars is bs thats personal property



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