Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Show-Me Gang & Gun Crackdown Missouri Legislation Targeting Criminals Not Guns

Dueling Republican legislation hopes to keep suspects locked up for longer and seemingly provides an alternative against KCMO anti-gun legislation. Take a look:

Missouri lawmaker files bills to address violent crime

After another violent weekend in Kansas City, one Missouri lawmaker has a plan to reduce violent crime.State Sen.


Anonymous said...

Kansas City disbanded their gang unit, once a robust organization. Gangs are somewhat passé in KC. The correct target is individuals, most well know to the PD. Robust prosecution is lacking in Jackson County.

Anonymous said...

Locked up longer? Should be like for life if they do the crime and use a gun.

NicK said...

that will raise the murder rate cuz no one wants to go to prison.

Anonymous said...

Really what are they going to do ? Lock up every POS in a five block area surrounding Troost ? The hood is always going to be the hood. Anyone with a brain knows life isn't about being a lil John Snoop dog dick wanna bee. Those that don't make the hood Nightly News.

Phil Cardarella said...

If severe penalties worked as a deterrent to crime, there would be no crime. The United States would be the safest country in the world – because we lock up more people longer than any other country. And if guns kept us safe we be so safe that we awould be bored.

Here is a newsflash for you: no one stops to think of the legal consequences before committing a violent crime – any more than politicians stop to think about the consequences of the policies that fall out of their mouths.. The idea that harsher penalties will result in less crime is a fantasy. Of course you can keep people locked up – at the rate of 40 – 50,000 taxpayer dollars per year – but no one actually wants to spend that kind of money.

There are intelligent things we can do to reduce crime – even violent crime but we don't want to do them because they are condemned as "cobbling" criminals – by treating them as human beings, teaching them a trade, preparing them for life outside of prison, etc. These are all things that work in other countries – in conjunction with shorter sentences.

A lot was made of the fact that the terrorist on London Bridge had been released on parole after being convicted of a "terrorist plot" – resulting in calls to keep people locked up longer. One of the people who risked his life subduing that terrorist was another man who was on parole from a murder conviction. Good thing he was out on parole.and not still locked up.