Monday, December 02, 2019

Show-Me Climate Change Teachable Moment

A glimpse at pervasive political lessons and the fight to control the Eco-narrative from the outset of any discussion . . . Checkit:

Missouri Teachers Are Schooling Students On Climate Change Even Though It's Not Required

With the impacts of climate change becoming more visible, scientists and teachers across the nation are working out how to teach about the topic in the nation's classrooms. Teachers in Missouri are using real-world issues and collaboration to help their students understand the science of climate change and the effect it could have on local communities.


chuck said...

Total bullshit lie, designed to centralize power and euchre money out of the 3rd Estate into the Plutocracy/Kleptocracy.

Anonymous said...

Really Chuck? Do you know how much sway the fossil fuel industry has in our country? I swear you just talk to hear yourself talk. You use big words to pass yourself off as intelligent when all it does is put you on full display as a raving lunatic. said...

The "Hockey Stick" is a lie.

The polar ice caps ARE NOT MELTING and Polar bears are NOT drowning.

You're jejune naivete is understandable, the MSM has beat this drum into our collective heads for 50 years.

Santa Clause ain't coming down the chimney this year and the best present you can give yourself is to take a deep breath and think for yourself.

Anonymous said...

The kids will emerge from the experience thoroughly indoctrinated but unable to think for themselves. Which was the plan all along.

Anonymous said...

Of course teachers are preaching scare tactics, this is nothing new they have been doing it for years. Kinda like when they tell the kids we all came from apes.

Anonymous said...

You know what we should do?!?!?!?!?

We should elect a bar tender to Congress and give her 92 Trillion Dollars to spend.

What could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

^^and yet @8:46 AM she is in Congress, has a degree, graduated cum laude, and you're here. Weird

chuck said...

^^^ Yeah, she is a real genius. Her degree is a "Token" degree in economics. The ignorant slut, believed and told her constituents - who also are dumb as fuckin bricks, that New York was going to cut a check to Amazon to locate in New York.

Gawd what a disgrace. Jesus. Right after Adam Smith's "Invisible Hand" in Econ 101, you get to tax abatements. What is NOT weird, is the expectations from most Americans that we in this nation, should just hand out Degrees in everything like Halloween Candy on Oct. 31st.

What a fuckin joke.

You would think, that someone on her team might mention to her, that the reduction in taxes assessed to Amazon - amortized over 8 years, to the tune of 2 Billion Dollars was going to create 25,000 jobs and New York would have gone positive on the ROI in 4 years.

What a fuckin moron. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^Why aren't you at work loser? Go make some money instead of stupid posts all day. this is why you can't afford to retire dummy.

Anonymous said...

^^^Why aren't YOU at work, loser, instead of posting bullshit all day long?

Anonymous said...

10:53 = Says the guy with no job, at home waiting for "The View" to come on so he can jack off to Whoopie.

A Moment of Your Time Please said...

^^Why are you not at work yourself? You want people like Chuck and myself to work and pay in tax dollars to pay bums like you who sit around all day giving the working class folks a bad time.

App 4.54 billion years ago a puff of gas that was to become earth was created. Since that time a change of the so called climate of it has been in effect. Climate change isn't something new it's the earth adapting to its own changing. Yes our world is changing and if we parked every oil burning piece of equipment today it would still keep right on changing.

Teachers need to stick to what's in the books and not what's in their heads. Stop all the LGBT crap, weather crap and socialist ways of thinking being crammed down our kids throats today. Teach them how to write for christ sake. You do know that they have stopped teaching kids how to write in cursive? Kids are no longer being taught how to write using a pencil or a pen.

What kids need to be taught and what they are being taught is a huge part of our youth today walking out of a school dumber than a box of rocks in our world today.

Teachers need to be teachers and leave the scientific stuff up to those who in fact do know what the hell they are talking about.

Anonymous said...

TL/DR. Less is more. Have a point and don't suck.

Anonymous said...

^^A product of a bad education as 11:20 was pointing out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chuckles, what's your degree in you dumbfuck? Have you ever studied economics? What the fuck is "Token" supposed to imply? That it's not a worthwhile degree? Take your anti-intellectualism and head on back to the basement with all the other brain dead morons who think they are smart because they read some shit on the internet. Leave the real work to those who've studied the subject matter.

And why in the fucking world should the largest city in the country, the hub of economics and center of finance in the US, need to give Amazon jack shit? See, you're the same fucking clown who bitches when Kansas City offers perks like these to corporations but now, because AOC, who is a Democrat and pushing an environmental agenda does it, you don't fucking agree with it. You think NYC is in need of 25K jobs???? In need enough to offer that free of any sort of taxes. Fuck no.

Just shut the fuck up for a while.

Anonymous said...

8:24 - ah yes, the National Review....a true bastion of fair and balanced. Right there with Fox News.

Anonymous said...

Teach them an inland sea ran from the gulf Coast to Nebraska. Go dig up some sea shells fossils anywhere there is limestone. Long before there were Hummers and climate idiots.

Anonymous said...

^^Ugh huh..hey look! Matlock's on!

Anonymous said...

3:22 If you think that no one in Queens is pissed at AOC, who is supposed to have a degree in Economics, than no doubt, the both of you are car pooling every Sunday to the High Mass For Retards and saving gas for your idiotic comments.

She is an idiot and so are you.

25,000 jobs at 150K a year. Why would any community want that?


Anonymous said...

And yet no one in Queens is pissed at AOC and you suck cock. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Even DeBlasio is pissed.

If you are as stupid as AOC, and then people vote for you, they deserve what they get.

The governor thinks she is an idiot.

He's a whacked out liberal too, but, yeah, he hates her.

New Yorkers are NOT happy.

Again, you moron, she too, is a moron.