Thursday, December 26, 2019

Show-Me 2020 Weed Decriminalization Petition For Missouri Already Earning Massive Grassroots Support In Kansas City

It looks like locals could earn the signatures required for this measure after a few nights in Wesport -- Where the scent of weed smoke is nearly a constant given that pot isn't really a crime anymore within city limits. Take a look at this update on the effort:

Petitions to allow recreational pot in Missouri already in the works

Even though Missouri's medical marijuana industry has yet to get started with a projected start date of summer 2020, a move most of us saw coming has already begun. Legalizing recreational pot in the Show Me State.


Anonymous said...

Recreational is the only logical way. Why create a whole new category of drug dealers out of people with "conditions" on fixed incomes just needing some spare cash ?

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Wisdom.

why make enforcement the problem of police when they're obviously not getting support from politians or the public on this issue.