Thursday, December 12, 2019

Should We Cancel KC Secret Santa???

IMHO, it's one of this town's worst traditions a sign that "journalists" have stopped caring about their jobs toward the end of the year.

But maybe handouts can really help locals . . . Longtime readers of the blog know that this tradition has always been a pet peeve . . . If there's anybody who thinks it's worthwhile . . . Let us know . . . For now, here's the annual start to this tear-jerk cowtown holiday constant:

Secret Santa delivers to Kansas Citians in need

Whatever you believe, the holiday season is really all about hope."The greatest gift you can give somebody is the gift of happiness," said Secret Santa.This anonymous businessman named Secret Santa came to Kansas City this week."You ever heard of secret Santa? Yeah. You ever met him? No.


Anonymous said...

How do we KNOW secret Santa is really delivering what he says. I dont know anybody who has ever met him. I call BS.

Anonymous said...

Now its six cities? Gimme a break! Are they making this up as they go along?

Anonymous said...

^^Yes, they are.
And people believe fall for this shit every year.

Anonymous said...

It's not yours to cancel, Tony. Just because caring and generosity are totally foreign to you doesn't mean it's not to other people.

So hey, go fuck yourself!

Anonymous said...

Stop giving him publicity and he'll stop giving money, it's as simple as that.

Why else would his identity be such an "open secret"?

Super Dave said...

If the Secret Santa is supposed to be such a secret why does anyone even know about it. If Secret Santa is giving the media statements then he has no desire to remain a secret.

Why isn't the media using their resources to seek into why City Hall plays Santa to all the developers, all year long?

It's nice to help those in need but just walking the streets seems rather weird way to go about handing out cash to those who might not really need it as much as one thinks.

Anonymous said...

There are many thousands of regular folks in the metro who volunteer and contribute to all sorts of organizations and individuals during the year and who do so without finding it necessary to call attention to themselves about it.
But a handful of people, particularly sports players and celebrities just can't do much of anything without TV cameras rolling or big splashes on social media.
The spirit of the season is not exactly defined as reflecting your "generosity" from recipients to yourself.

Anonymous said...

don't teach them how to fish because that would empower them, just give them fish and they will be more like dependent pets.

Anonymous said...

There are other donors in KC area. They girls at DST Systems client services spread the cheer and their legs for all men and women to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Dumb tradition. No more please.