Tuesday, December 31, 2019


More info for subscribers but the news tease preview pretty much says it all . . . A devastating report questions corporate loyalty and responsibility. Something to consider when offering tax breaks. Read more:

Suit claims Black & Veatch unit paid protection money to Taliban - Kansas City Business Journal

Overland Park-based Black & Veatch is one of several companies being accused of making illegal protection payments to the Taliban that financed the terrorist group's attacks against U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The lawsuit was filed Friday in the U.S. District Court for Washington, D.C., by or on behalf of dozens of U.S.


Anonymous said...

Oh hell what does everyone think Obama was doing?

Anonymous said...

What, did you just make up some stupid bullshit to distract from the fact that rich white local people are paying terrorists to kill our soldier heroes?

Anonymous said...

I'm bet Black and Veatch made a big deal of supporting our veterans while paying off the Taliban to make big bonuses for their Excutives. Meanwhile Black and Veatch's bribe money to the Taliban is used to buy arms to kill our young men and women in uniform.

What a disgraceful, dishonorable company. Never trust rich people; their sons and daughters to not wear the uniform to protect our country. They put poor people's sons and daughters in harms way while their companies make $ fortunes. Happened during the Vietnam war and apparently is happening in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.