Saturday, December 14, 2019


In a sign that the new administration isn't as keen on Internets hype . . . Here's a City Hall switcheroo that signals a departure from the so-called "silicon prairie" salad days.

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Kansas City Innovation Chief to Step Down This Month

Though he's only been in the position since May 2019, Kansas City, Mo., Chief Innovation Officer Alex Braszko has left his mark. Taking the job following the departure of Bob Bennett, Braszko, named to the role in the waning months of outgoing Mayor Sly James' term, has served since Aug.


Anonymous said...

No one stays in that job long because City Hall is about as innovative as the Beverly Hillbilly's

Anonymous said...

Silicon Prairie... LMOA That fat retard of a bow-tie Mayor was on one, wasn’t he. Silicon Prairie, Pearls on Prospect, Martin Lutther King Blvd... all the doing of Mr. Bow-tie and friends. He’s got a few more months before he’s called to task on all of it. Can’t wait!

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this guy heard about all the innovation that came out of Startup Village?

He'd never leave his post if he knew about them.

Anonymous said...

99.9% of these idiots running this city didn't even know what a blog or twitter was until Google came into town looking for someplace to experiment and break things at no cost to them.

Hi we are Google. We are here to help! Sly! Cindy!Here's how ya do it. Use twitter and post selfies and bullshit like rainbow bunnies and free ice cream, stuff the public wants to hear then do what the fuck you want to do.

Anonymous said...

Keep cleaning the corruption stench that the past Mayor and City Manager left in the people's City Hall. Let's see some more "retirements" "stepping downs" demotions from City Manage appointed positions with reduced pay. Cleaning Up City Hall has been well worth the long wait.

Anonymous said...

“What’s most important from an innovation perspective, we’ve learned and found value in what we have done and we hope to continue to bring value in what we do to get the right buy-in inside city hall"

Anonymous said...

Puddle of Mudd is the most famous band to come from KC.

An online seller of Chinese socks is the biggest startup to hail from this city.

Just what in the holy fuck is inherently wrong with this town?

Anonymous said...

Alex saw the writing on the wall. Mayor Q-ty in Selfies doesn’t support the Innovation Office and is going to axe it.