Thursday, December 19, 2019


We don't begrudge anybody their success . . . If this suburbanite couple is making it or faking it until they make it: More power to them.

But their "origin story" is now familiar and kind of an inside joke among a few of the local freelance scribes who grumble about the rates of this publication. Notice that very few contributing writers stay on for very long . . . Still, the myth that people still pay for community news, high school sports and watching low rent public meetings online and out of the goodness of their hearts makes for a fantastic tale that's much brighter than living off family money, paid political hit pieces and a big check from an occasional rich wackadoodle.

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A Local News Site Uses A Paywall And Succeeds

As small papers continue to fold, a tiny suburban Kansas City news site that routinely breaks local government stories is expanding. Its paywall is helping bring in lots of new revenue. RACHEL MARTIN, HOST: Half as many newspaper reporters will head to work this morning compared to a decade ago.


Anonymous said...

They seem like a nice couple. More power to them!

Dail Blake said...

They block the ability to comment those who disagree with them

Anonymous said...

Ran by a total wacko who shats himself if you disagree with him. Remember he was the pussy who attacked a woman at a Prairie Village retail location and then the pussy hid behind his wife as she dealt with the blow back. Jay will be done and gone before long, Nazi acting fools like him soon blow away with the wind. I shudder at the thought of how nasty it has to be to live with that guy.